Xbox Live Arcade Size Limits Limiting Capcom Games?

While interviewing Capcom Producer Ben Judd for our Bionic Commando: Rearmed preview today,1up learned that not all versions of this hearty downloadable remake of the NES classic are being created equal. When the game hits this spring, the PlayStation Network version (as well as the PC incarnation) will have higher-res textures than the Xbox Live Arcade version. Blame Live Arcade's 150MB limit on file sizes, Judd explained.

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marinelife93983d ago

Why does microsoft try to put everything into a box?

It seems like they are always trying to put limits on everything from their operating systems to their game consoles.

Don't they realize that some peoples imaginations are bigger and more creative than their own?

Expy3983d ago

Microsoft: How bought splitting the game across files! That worked for Lost Odyssey across 4 discs!

Just a bit of humour :P

AzaziL3983d ago

Why does M$ like to shoot itself in the foot. For damn sakes, if they allow demos that are more then a gig, why sacrifice on games by capping them at 150MB. Idiocy at it's greatest, guess Live can't sacrifice the extra bandwidth without crashing again.

Rockwallaby3983d ago

understand why they didn't put the hard drive in standard especially since it was standard in the original.

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The story is too old to be commented.