Reuters: Sony Sees Easing of PS3 Price Pressure

Recent strong sales of higher-priced PlayStation 3 models may be an indication that Sony Corp does not need to cut prices of the flagship video game console soon, a U.S. executive said on Thursday.

When Sony lowered U.S. prices of the PlayStation 3 last November, it was surprised to see that consumers bought as many $500 models as $400 models, said Scott Steinberg, vice president of product marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

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ruibing3892d ago

They should concentrate on reducing the cost of their SKUs, bring out a new one to replace 80GB (news of that already in recent FCC filing), and release the DS3 for North America before they attempt another price cut. I think Hirai was right that there's no point in a price cut without the software to back it up, so they should wait for at least MGS4, KZ2, or LBP before doing so.

Blankman3892d ago

yea drop the price with gta4 or mgs4 maybe 50 off for GTA4 and another 50 for mgs4 and guaranteed sony will take this yr from 360. 360 gratest momentum and system selling game for this yr will be GTA4 sony needs to make sure potential MGS4 purchasers wnt be buying 360's

nicholascage243892d ago

rather than a price drop .

The demise of HD DVD has increased BD player sales by 700% in UK and that includes the ps3 along with Samsung's BD1400.

SONY will still take this year without a price drop. Given SONY's lineup there is no way other consoles could even rival that.

Just make sure SONY that there are no unnecessary Delays

LastDance3892d ago

You know every1 talks about price dropping and stuff. But i think as a company you have to be careful not to pricedrop at the wrong time.... say if there's a massive increase in the sales of your system.. then days later you price drop. How many people got stiffed over paying more.
if it were me id be so angry.

poopface13891d ago

I dont think they want or need to drop the price now. Blue ray has officialy won the format war and PS3 is one of the cheapest blueray players(with console included). If sony kees cutting the price now many other manufactures of blueray players will probaly have to cut their prices too, and i dont think they wanna right now when business is gonna start picking up. I wouldent mind it tho, as long as it gets cheaper around MGS4 time ima get me one too.

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heroman7113892d ago

its cuz ps3 is awesome. 10 million sold !!!!!!!

nicholascage243892d ago

as of december 31st,2007

so ps3 might have reached 11 million by now .

EDIT :- dont even look at that Crap chart

cmrbe3892d ago

Otherwise they would lose their chance of emulating the PS2. Yes its selling but its still not at an affordable price to the mass consumer. They need to drop to 300 this year. I would be very disappointed if they don't.

EZCheez3892d ago

Companies who get comfortable in the front seat don't stay there for long.

Sony needs to do everything in their power to get more consoles in homes, and if they can afford a price drop, then they should do it. Even $50 would be great. Not every price drop has to be $100. They've got to find a way to keep this momentum going, and if Home isn't coming out anytime soon (who knows), a price drop would really help.

Fux4Bux3892d ago

Still should drop it to $299 when GTA4 or Home comes out and have a big promotional thing. Blu-ray has won so they're guaranteed royalties from that and can take bigger risks. Beating MS currently. Just need to start chipping away at Nintendo's illegitimate lead.

BWS19823892d ago

could you define "illegitmate lead"?

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