Next-gen gaming isn't about technology, luminaries agree

Executives from some of the industry's leading games creators have all agreed that next-generation gaming isn't about new technology or the blockbuster release.

For Sony, Electronic Arts, Lionhead and Areae, added value from community, user generated content, connectivity and metagames will define what we'll come to understand as a 'next-gen' title.

"It isn't graphics, it isn't the processor. It's really the connectivity and the metagames that cut across our entertainment spectrum," commented Raph Koster of Areae. "The new games in this generation are really Xbox Live achievements or Miis."

Sony's worldwide studios head Phil Harrison agreed, "It won't be characterised by graphics and processing power and storage media in this generation, it will be characterised by servers, community, using created content and all the things that the game developer doesn't do."

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Brian52473944d ago

CoD4, Uncharted, and Gears say otherwise.

ktchong3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Sony, Electronic Arts, Lionhead, Areae and all the industry experts disagree with you.

When you have established as much credibility, experience and reputation as they do, then I'll take your words over theirs.

Those games you listed doesn't bring anything truly new or revolutionary to the table. They just recycle what has already been done before and just make it flashier and louder.

Genki3944d ago

This is ridiculous. Wii games and PS3/360 games can and are co-existing and entertaining the masses in SPADES!

You know what that says? All of you elitist pr*cks that are telling people on the other side of the fence, whether you're a PS3, 360, or Wii guy in the opposition of any other, are full of crap, because if SOMEONE in the world is receiving these products well, then developers are doing something right.

Hi-tech games with fancy graphics, advanced physics and A.I. have just as much place in the gaming industry and community as do the lower profile Wii title with the innovative control schemes, and ALL THE WAY down to flash based games and PSN/XBLA titles.

I'm SICK of idiots trying to tell others what type of gaming is "legit" or not. It makes absolutely no sense. If I like Wii games, and that bothers you, then p*ss off. If I enjoy my PS3 titles, and that bothers you, then p*ss off.

Every end of the spectrum has rightfully proven that they can all co-exist within the industry and appeal to their audiences. We've got bestselling games from any and every stupid little category you can pigeonhole them into, so all of these little studies, pundits, representatives, fanboys, or whoever they are, are irrelevant. The community speaks for themselves.

OC Shock Value3944d ago

Bubbles for you man.. Couldnt have said it better myself

ape0073944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Next-gen gaming isn't about technology ALONE,it's about both tech and most importantly the creative minds behind a certain game.

examples:perfect dark zero sucks compared to the original classic n64
because of the new devolpment team involving in pdz(see rare at wikipedia)

and TOUTCHSTONE have failed to bring us the same awesome turok game like it was back then,the differnce between n64 and ps3/360(light years) didn't make a good game.

conclusionl:if a certain game has those two factors(right team and next gen tech) we will see an awesome classic games like uncharted r&c: tod, cod 4 ,mgs 4,gta 4 ,bioshock(to mention few),and hopefully duke nukem forever and I can't wait to see GOD OF WAR 3 and ICO 2

wow4u3944d ago

Now, I hope the people in this:

The very first post is this:

"Funny that these developers like the 360 because some features are already made on live and the programming is familiar to them so its easier to program while Insomniac is out there looking for a challenge trying to do new things and with nothing given to them on a silver platter. Now they are giving out what they have learned to others."

And it has +23 Agrees & +11 Disagrees.

I hope "Lucreto" reads what Phil just said himself.

VigorousApathy3944d ago

Yeah that's why Neverwinter Nights and Warcraft III are the most popular games now seeing as how they have such a large community and the most generated content. Ha yeah right. That makes them next-gen games according to the article. I'll stick with the high tech games thanks. Not that Warcraft doesn't still have a lot of great custom maps.