Sony To Change The Way You Speak

At the game developers' conference yesterday, Sony and Vivox announced they'd established a partnership to create a new suite of awesome voice capabilities for online games.

Players will be able to access voice mail, voice fonts to synthesize player voices into in-game character voices, and the ability to receive external calls in SOE games.

The idea is, everyone online will use it, so rather than typing "Sup?" at that elf dude in Everquest 2, you can say "Sup?" into your headset and he'll hear you. Pretty cool.

The new advancements will come standard with SOE games, but also be free to use on any other game. Which is awesome.

"We're proud to offer this level of communication power and flexibility to gamers. These new voice services not only replace many of the voice chat options currently available but add a broad range of capabilities that streamline communication and empower gamers to maintain their online relationships in both the real and virtual worlds," said John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment. "We are giving gamers the ultimate one-stop shop to stay in touch at all times."

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xplosneer3944d ago

Giving the code to everyone for the BENEFIT of everyone. Grerat job to everyone invovled in all this stuff(hats to Sony, Microsoft, and ESPECIALLY Insomniac)

Lord Anubis3944d ago

the thread and the article are so misleading is not Sony but it's subsidiary Sony Online Entertainment.... :(

XiaoSet3944d ago

If every online game uses this, it'll be kickass.

longduckdong3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

so if you say "sup" what makes it different than saying "sup" before?

Thank you halo3betasnatchout

halo3betasnatch out3944d ago

you are saying sup through a character in a characters voice to someone, instead of sending a text message saying sup.

Kakkoii3944d ago

One more reason I really wish I had the money for a PS3 :(.

Kakkoii3944d ago

NEVAR D:< That would take away from my interwebz time!! lol

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