Ubisoft plots THQ bid

MCV:We have been told that the French firm is keen to take over the publisher's brands and studios once THQ works through its current financial problems.

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NYC_Gamer2179d ago

Those franchises would help Ubisoft become one step closer to becoming one of the big publishers

Dlacy13g2179d ago

I would argue they already are one of the big publishers...this would put them in that top 3 list if you ask me.

guitarded772179d ago

Yeah, Ubi has grown pretty damn big this gen with Assassin's Creed being their premier franchise. I was just looking at their game list from this gen and it looks like they publish more games than Activision... maybe even EA. They may not have as many big franchises as an EA, but if they added Darksiders, Saint's Row and Red Faction, they'd be on par with EA in number of big franchises. Ubi needs a big time accessible shooter like CoD and Battlefield... that's the one thing they're missing. Far Cry is awesome, but it's not an accessible MP game like CoD and Battlefield. I'm sure Ubi knows this and are looking to get one... Rainbow 6 is too tactical for the masses. But they won't find that with THQ's library either. Homefront sucked. Ubi is great at third person games though... just need that accessible FPS to make them stand out.

Dlacy13g2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

On the shooter side...don't forget THQ has Homefront 2 cooking which many felt the MP of Homefront was pretty good they just needed to do better graphically and improve the single player side significantly.

edit: just saw the last part of you post on Homefront. I would say Homefront while not great clearly showed it could be great in the right hands. They did a lot right in that game, just Kaos isn't good at doing story. The game is supposedly now with Crytek if my memory serves me.

doogiebear2179d ago

I dunno man. Do u think they'll support Saints Row?

NYC_Gamer2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I believe Ubi would since the SR franchise does move a few million units

doogiebear2179d ago

Yeah but the controversy...especially after that school shooting. I hope saints lives on

DeforMAKulizer2179d ago



But who would take the new unannounced games? Some great potential in them.

Not to mention the publishing right to South Park and Metro.

ApolloTheBoss2179d ago

Yes. Excellent. better them than EA or Activision.

majiebeast2179d ago

Meh dont want Ubisoft to own Relic. Ubisoft killed heroes of might and magic and hasnt made a single decent rts this gen.


Nooooooooo! They will ruin Company of Heroes!!! They are not friends of PC gamers!

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The story is too old to be commented.