EA's Boom Blox features VR head tracking

Head tracking, a technique that effectively transforms the apparent '2D' image you see on your television screen into an out-of-the-screen virtual reality experience, will feature in Electronic Arts' upcoming Nintendo Wii title, Boom Blox.

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Intrepid3895d ago

This feature would probably make this game my GOTY. Awesome stuff.

wiizy3895d ago

nice spielberg and ea really worked on this title

Night4ll3894d ago

Way to step it up EA... I'm definitely getting this game. Now all I need is a Wii FPS with VR head tracking.

ItsDubC3894d ago

OK if the term "next-gen" actually had a concrete definition, this would epitomize it.

Graphics working in unison w/ motion technology in this way is revolutionary while higher resolution graphics and better shading techniques are merely evolutionary.