GTA IV Episode 1 - August, 360 exclusive

In its GDC keynote extravaganza, Microsoft confirmed that the first downloadable "episode" for GTA IV will be coming this August, exclusively to Xbox 360.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Episode One, as it's being called, is presumably the first in the previously announced two downloadable episodes for Rockstar's sequel. They've been rumoured to have cost Microsoft a fair few pennies.

Microsoft VP John Schappert also confirmed that more than a thousand new games will be released on the Xbox 360 in 2008 and that Grand Theft Auto IV will be one of the biggest. Thanks, but we already knew that.

GTA IV is out on April 29.

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mintaro3982d ago

wow, that's alot earlier than i expected

mr_potato3982d ago

Ok can we know what it will contain.

ICUP3982d ago

How much points is going to cost for the Episode 1?

hopefully not an arm or a leg.

tweaker3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

hopefully 10 bucks or less.

jmare3982d ago

That's funny. No offense, but hope away. I really don't see this hitting for less than $20 and probably more like $30 like other expansion packs. At $10 over 2.5 million people would have to download each episode, and that's just to get their money back and it's assuming that Rockstar doesn't get a cut, which they will. Also, when has Microsoft (or any business) done anything to just make their money back. It's all about the profit. So it looks like the "Full" GTA 4 experience will be at least $120. No game is worth that much. Not even Rock Band, but at least you have more to show for it.

tweaker3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

I'm not into the episodic content and even so the built in missions anyways. By the time I unlock all areas, I'm probably not gonna finish the game. I just want to roam around and cause havoc to the city. I'm getting mines on the ps3 because of the controller. I love the Playstation controller. Remember the cheats in Vice City? They were the same in San Andreas too. I know all the button code combination by heart. lol. Rockstar will probably use the same codes for GTA4 on the PS3.

BlindPublic3982d ago

I don't think they care about getting their money back on the content itself. Seems to me they are more interested in enticing people to buy their console to establish the “Xbox” brand, so they can make their money back, and then some, on the 360’s progeny.

Sayai jin3982d ago

@jmare - I agree I would not pay $120 for a game currently. What expansion packs have cost you 30 dollars on XBL? The most I have paid for a expansion is 24 MS points ($24 USD). Most of the add-on/expansions are from $5 to $15, most of them in the middle of that. PC expansion packs are usually $30 or more.

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Snukadaman3982d ago

So im guessing since its going too take a while...these episodes will be huge...why would it take a couple of months for a couple of simple missions...No..this will be whole different games all together it seems.

InYourMom3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Like San Andreas was it's own EP. This isn't some additional DLC this is adding almost a new game for each Episode. At MS's blogger breakfast an MS exec said that the PS3 version will see no EP's and no DLC.

I know which version I'm buying!

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The story is too old to be commented.