Unreal Engine demos not from Gears 2

Epic Games vice president Mark Rein has said that the Unreal Engine tech demos shown off during Wednesday's Microsoft keynote speech at GDC were not from Gears of War 2. Apparently they were based on leftover bits of Gears of War 1.

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mintaro3894d ago

that was from Gears of War 1? wow, i can only imagine Gears 2

socomnick3894d ago

I will be delighted if they keep the destructible environments and somehow include it into the multiplayer. I would love to be able to shoot a torque bow into a wall and kill the player hiding behind it.

Blankman3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

yes socomnick that would be cool. But lets settle down for a bit. The gears footage shown was using update unreal engine technology so in other words that is what gears 2 will look like since its running on the updated technology. The visuals might be improved before gears 2 releases but not by that much since the game runs on the same engine as the gears 1 footage did, it will be essentially the same. Not to sh!t on anyone's parade or anything but someones got to stop you guys from getting your hearts broken. Gears 2 will look like gears 1/tech demo but with better ligthing, more water effects more enemies on screen destructible environments and so on

kevoncox3894d ago



2 games, same engine. Leaps and bounds difference in graphically quality. Now please STFU.

kewlkat0073894d ago

Here you are, on the biggest 2008 (Video) game article...

"Blankman - 4 hours ago
well you have to let the 360 have one game lol. If you take out NG2 wats left."

-Are you sure your not trying to sh^t on an xbox gamers parade?...

Most Gears of War fans, are awaiting this title, and is not trying to downplay the graphics. Since, most are interested in Gameplay Mechanics, Story, Weapons, multi-player, to tell you the truth. None of which was or has been shown besides this little tech demo as GOW2.

Honestly we see more gamers that do not own a 360 worry about it's games and sales, besides the game for game superiority complex comparisons.

I'll wait for some real "Meat and Potato" media to judge the game as well as the final product, but you know it doesn't even matter. This game will be Pre-Ordered ASAP. The graphics will be good enough for a purchase. Graphics are just Icing on the cake.

The game look goods enough for me as it is, I know it's not going to look life-like. PC games will always look better than any console because they are scalable, year after year.

i Shank u3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

hey Blankman, sh*tting is for the toilet, not 360 news. thanks

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mariusmal3894d ago

no sh1t sherlock. that's what i was telling in the older news about a gears 2 footage.

HarryEtTubMan3894d ago

DUH.... Its not going ook that good... it was running on a maxed out PC. Your a RETARD if u actually thought that is exactly how it will look on the 360... though it will still look pretty good.

Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 are gonna SMEAR IT. aLONG WITH LBP, MGS4, Gran Turismo 5, God of War III and Socom: Confrontation. And Final Fantasy 13, The Agency and everything else/

thekingofMA3894d ago

btw-are you going to actually play LBP-it really reminds me of Viva Pinata, and that sold meh-so i think the same thing will happen

nicholascage243894d ago

Probably the biggest game if it takes off in Japan which is likely since at TGS last year it drew huge crowds.

It would be a hit in Na and europe hands down. No need to argue there

thekingofMA3894d ago

i agree it will be big--ill admit i just undermined it because im a huge 360 fan--but i just have this feeling it will sell poorly-but dont get me wrong-i plan on playing it since my friend has a ps3-

but @ underground railroad traveler-KZ2 will most certainly not "smear" GoW2

nicholascage243894d ago

KZ2 graphically destroys everything except Crisis. no need to argue there.

KZ2 will probably set benchmarks in gameplay too. even if it doesnt it will have great gameplay for sure. But definitely there is no contest in the graphics department.

Gears 2 would have great gameplay no doubt but dont forget Resistance 2 will have great gameplay too along with great graphics (60 player MP, 8 player co op).

You have 3 great games fighting each other .all of them will be million sellers no doubt.

But if KZ2 excels in Gameplay then there will be no contest. It will blow away everything . It does blow away everything in the graphics department with gameplay being unknown

thekingofMA3894d ago

alright, fair enough-i agree the graphics will be great in both, and that killzone will edge out gears in that department, if the gameplay sucks, it will go down like lair, which had almost the same problem remember-but yea, it should be a good fight to watch

(btw-can you believe were having an intelligent argument in the open zone!?!?!?)

TwissT3893d ago

Nicholas and King plus bubbles for being the first 2 to have an intelligent debate in the N4G openzone.

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Bnet3433894d ago

What!? Holy crap if that was Gears 1, imagine Gears 2!

Blankman3894d ago

setting yourself up for dissapointment men. I dnt believe gears 2 will look better it will jst have better lighting and better water effects and so on. Until i see an undoctored screenshot before i can buy into it.

nicholascage243894d ago

I agree with you. Others would agree too once they read the STORY.
Gears2 uses better lighting algorithm ,has better splashing effects and has a destructible environment

deepio3894d ago

Blankman, do you really think no one can see how much of a fanboy you are? Why don't you do us all a favour and leave your comments in the open zone. Moron.

beavis4play3893d ago

why would you say that? his comments wer just opinions and didn't include attacks against anybody. i agree with him. i play gears single player and co-op till the end. i found the story non-existant, (go past locust come out of ground and fight humans and there is next to nothing) the weapons(except the kick a$$ chainsaw) uninspired and the levels totally lacking cohesiveness. i think gears looked great and if they improve the shortcomings will be as good as any game available this year(if it arrives on time)

but the statements blankman made were in no way an attack or a fanboy rant.your comments show you are the one who needs to grow up. people are allowed to objectively express an opinion.

deepio3893d ago

I don't mind people voicing their opinions, but before they've even played the game or even seen any footage!?! That, I find, is idiotic.

I'm not saying what the game is going to be like, no one here is going to know that, but that doesn't stop fanboys like Blankman from thinking that they do. In a typical fanboy fashion, (albeit toned down thanks to posting in the gamerzone) all he is trying to downplay the game before he's even seen it! Telling people to set themselves up for a dissapointment is not exactly constructive is it. He's clearly just a fanboy trying to quash the hype surrounding the game.

And how can you possibly agree with him? Have you played the game? Do you know whether its just the same game, same graphics, same shortfalls with better lighting and water effects. No. Exactly.

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rhood0223894d ago

Its amazing how many people thought that was a tech demo of Gears 2. I remember the guy doing the demo even saying that it was being demoed on assets from the first Gears.

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