Peter Molyneux: 'I Was a bit of a Prat'

Lionhead Studio head Peter Molyneux addressed EA CEO John Riccitiello's comments that EA "blew it" in managing Molyneux's former studio, Bullfrog, after the megapublisher acquired the renowned independent studio in 1995.

"I was a bit of a prat back then, to be honest," he told 1UP. "To be fair, I think [EA] didn't do anything bad. I was just very immature, and I was coming to terms with not having 30 of my friends but instead having 200 strangers around me. That was difficult, and I made life difficult for them."

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MK_Red3890d ago

No matter whose fault was that, the death of Bullfrog was a true disaster and a tragedy for gamers. With EA still holding the rights, I hope they make a proper sequel to Populous and Dungeon Keeper one day.

gEnKiE3890d ago

Atleast its good that he can admit it....