How WiiWare Changed Square Enix

Square Enix didn't get to be Japan's powerhouse RPG developer by taking many risks. After the massive success of the big-budget cinematic RPG Final Fantasy VII, says producer Toshiro Tsuchida, the production model for Square Enix games has remained mostly unchanged: Big budgets, huge teams, 2-4 year development cycles, and an emphasis on visual arts.

But Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King has flipped all of that on its head. In a Game Developers Conference session on Thursday, Tsuchida and programmer Fumiaki Shiraishi talked about the lessons they learned creating the small game for WiiWare, Nintendo's upcoming downloadable game service.

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M_Prime3894d ago

sounds like they like it :-)

they could be good.. maybe we will be seeing more stuff like this pop up all over the place.. maybe they will make a LIVE or PSN game. who knows....

wiizy3894d ago

its very easy to realize that developers are alot more excited over wiiware then the other services which gives the wii another advantage.