The Xbox 360: A Boy's Console?

aka The Reasons this girl isn't buying an Xbox 360.

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shotty5501d ago

If I met her, I would literally pimp slap her. Basically she doesn't like anything and doesn't like change.

AP5501d ago

This comment gets points for making me laugh out loud

UrbanJabroni5501d ago

I wasn't going to read this article, but your post made me think you were over-reacting. You weren't. She really does hate everything. I'm not entirely sure why she plays games to begin with...

calderra5501d ago

Right now, I can't play my 360 because my girlfriend is trying to get past the last level on Feeding Frenzy.

Girls don't like 360?
BS. I wish they'd stop liking it as much as they do! Heh.

EVER OLVERA5500d ago

My wife hate's the Shark King. But she's trying to get that 1000 Shark eating achievement. Who said achievements weren't convincing?

NextGen24Gamer5501d ago

Its about her being a sony fanboy/girl/whatever. There is no such thing as a Girl game. People have different tastes and she won't even give xbox brand a chance. Just like any other extreme fanboy. Its just the way it is. People stick to what they are used to untill their friends and the hype builds. Then she/he will jump in on the bandwagon. Before she liked sony she liked somthing. And sony become popular and the "in" thing and she got one. But to say girls don't like FPS's or Horror games is ridiculous. there are millions of girls who are into the same games guys are into. There are guys who don't like FPS's. Whether your a girl or a guy is irrelevant.

UrbanJabroni5501d ago

Probably has something to do with this...

"She is one of the youngest on the staff, and a junior at Canyon Crest Academy."

The younger crowd grew up with Playstation as their first console, and tend to skew very anti-Microsoft.

Those of us that have been with this industry for decades seem to be more open with what we like...

But her article isn't just pro-Sony, it is more "Pro-I-Hate-Everything.&q uot;

specialguest5501d ago

she's a girl gamer and she doesn't like a lot of what Xbox 360 has to offer in gaming. who are we to say she's wrong for not liking games that mainly appeal to guys. (guns, blood, gore, killing) sure you can say that there are other games like RPG and puzzle, but 1-3 of those is not enough.

ImTheNumber125501d ago

You can't resist. What games does she play. She hates so many. She stated that she had so many games for the ps2 and than said how much she dislikes every genre.

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The story is too old to be commented.