Watch Dogs vs GTA V Who Will Take The Crown For The Best 2013 Open World Game?

Despite the freezing weather, the world of gaming is about to hot up as two of the most highly anticipated titles in recent times go head to head in the battle for open world supremacy. Both Grand Theft Auto V and Watch Dogs are set to be launched next year, but which will come out on top?

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Snookies122127d ago

GTA V. Provided they can pull it off right. Everything about it looks amazing so far.

paydayp2127d ago

people are overlooking the fact that watch dogs is being made by reflections studio.
in my opion they havent made a good game since driver 2 on the playstation. the last driver wasnt that bad but it wasn´t great either. so im still skeptical about watch dogs the demo looked good but it looked very scripted.

gta on the other hand is made by rockstar who have a great track record and have my faith in creating a great title.
we have seen some more off V and to me it looks very promising.

i dont know why u would put these 2 head to head at this moment (because how little we know of watch dogs) they look very different games only both open world but completely different gameplay wise i think.

Eyeco2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

Track record is important, but then again games like Killzone 2 and hitman 2 have proved other wise, that said i'm rooting for GTA 5

Blastoise2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )

I'm not understanding all this hype about Watch Dogs.

GTAV gets me vote, really feel like it's gonna be a blast.

Ezz20132127d ago

i will buy both and enjoy both
guys here fight for who the best all they like

every thing on N4G must turn into
game X vs. game Y

Andrespetmonkey2127d ago

To be fair Watch_Dogs is being co-developed with Ubi Montreal, who have a brilliant track record.

paydayp2127d ago (Edited 2127d ago )


after some research i found out that you are right.
after last e3 i remember reading a article who said it was only reflections so i´ve always believed that and made me skeptical.
the demo of the e3 definitely sparked my interest.
now that i know its a co development with another studio (ubisoft montreal like u say who have some great some not so great titles).
i hope they can bring the best of each other studios together.
i also hope they both be great but at the moment im only really stoked for gtaV. because of my history with the series and knowing what kind of game to expect.
it´s just to soon for a head to head article for a game with a good history and a brand new ip with only one short demo showed.
but u are right thank you for bringing it to my attention my hopes just rised a bit:)

NukaCola2126d ago

I haven't seen much on Watch Dogs, but I am keeping an eye out.

GTA V is doing something, the series needs and that is dynamic action within the open world setting. It's not just yellow circles and cutscenes, but they are putting some Uncharted or inFAMOUS 2 in the open world with the cutscenes and the way they are bring a really cinematic experience to such a genre. This game is going to flow better than any GTA before and it will be something insane. Also pretty curious to see how the 3 characters work and can't wait to get back in the cockpit of a big ass plane.

aCasualGamer2126d ago

GTA V will win over Watch Dogs both interms of entertainment value and sales, but Watch Dogs has better visuals and seems to have a stronger storyline.

Interms of freedom, though, nothing will beat GTA V i believe.

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ThePsychoGamer2127d ago

The best open world game of 2013 is clear, really there is no doubt in my mind it will be Yakuza 5....

Or at least I would like to be able to say that, but given the current circumstances of the publisher, I really can't at this time. Hopefully that will change.

Right now I have to go with GTAV

Seraphemz2127d ago

I dont think that we know enough about Watch Dogs to be able to compare...

Hanso2127d ago

For me its gonna be METAL GEAR GROUND ZEROES
Second Gta 5
third uhm ..?

BiggCMan2127d ago

I don't THINK Ground Zeroes will be open world, in the same sense as a GTA game or Saints Row. I believe what they meant in the demo from August by "open", was that the levels will be massive, and you can choose how to approach each missions, and from where etc.. Like Peace Walker for instance, how it was broken down to mission numbers and you could choose each individually. I think Ground Zeroes will be like that, only much more massive and grand. I could be wrong however, and man I would love a complete sandbox game, but what leads me to believe it will be more like Peace Walkers mission layout is that you can call in that helicopter to return to your base. To me, that hinted at a similar style.

HorrorGod2126d ago

I don't think MGS:GZ will come out in 2013.
MGS4 was announced in 2005 and didn't end up being released until 2008. What makes anyone assume he'd release MGS:GZ the following year, after announcing it?

teedogg802126d ago

Yeah it would actually shock me if Ground Zeroes came out in 2013. Let's hope I'm wrong.

League_of_Draven2126d ago

MGS4 is a PS3 exclusive that used up tons of space and a lot more work was put into it. MGS:GZ isn't going to take a long time to make. MGS4 had a better engine and now they're using a downgraded "fox engine" to push out games faster.

Irishguy952126d ago

MGS4 did not use compression, which is why it took up tons of space. This is common knowledge, don't try and make MGS4 something it is not.

Megaton2127d ago

GTAV, since Watch Dogs won't launch in 2013.

League_of_Draven2126d ago

Watch Dogs, since GTA4 was a mediocre game that was overrated and GTA5 just seems to be a rehash of it.