The ESRB do NOT play games!?

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) don't even bother playing a game before giving it a rating. Shouldn't gamers be the ones that decide how a game is rated? fellow gamers, DO tell what you think about this.

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Tut5904d ago

It is pretty laughable that they are rating something without even experiencing it, which in my opinion shouldn't happen. But then on the flip side if they did play the game then how many people would it take to get the job done and play every game to near completion?
Another factor is the fact that ratings have very little impact in our society. The only thing it does is force the younger kids to go find an adult to buy the game for them or just ask mommy and daddy. With such little importance why should an organization be forced to produce more in-depth research about something that the majority of people don't even look at?
One way they could improve this is by publishing the review and reasons for rating on-line so everyone can read why it deserves the given rating. That still won't change the fact that nine-year-olds are playing Grand Theft Auto though.

This debate could be a huge one.


halo4life5904d ago

they give the makers a paper that asked any sex ETC if they have 6 out of 10 its M or T its sad they need to play it themselfs

OutpostCommand5904d ago

I already knew this too.
However, it is an interesting issue and one that needs to be tackled.
I personally think that we shouldnt have a rating system in the first place though.

Halochampian5904d ago

They have benn doing it just fine for the last 12 years. They've added more to it and have evolved as games have. They've even added in a new rating E +10. They dont need to play a game to know what it should be rated. They can tell how bad it is just by watching gameplay.

Gamers wouldn't do the best job because we dont see whats so bad about games like GTA or Oblivion(which got moved up to a M). The best people are people that may not even play games... Moms, dads, anyone. Thats what ESRB does.

calderra5904d ago

This "news" is only EXACTLY AS OLD AS THE ESRB!

You could have gone to the info section on their website the moment it was set up, and I think it's pretty much always described how developers submit a video of the worst content, and that's what they base everything off of.

Also think of it this way-
With videos, they can rate a game in (giving them LOTS of time) under 24 hours. Every time. That's with tons of replays and developer commentary, lots of lunch breaks, requests for the developer to send in new tapes to be reviewed later... etc.

For a JRPG like Xenosaga, playing it through with all the commentary and replays the ESRB would need to ensure accuracy could mean 200+ hours just getting through the material, let along actually passing a judgement.

Is it problematic? Sure.
But it's a good start.

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