10 Horrible Video Game Cliches

Even the best video games have the worst cliches. runs down a list of the worst of the worst in video game cliches.

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Monty_The_Great3988d ago

list, very true. I love the jumping especially, because its so true. I can blast through a rock wall, but I have to follow miles of fencing to get to a door to get to the other side, crap.

T_O873988d ago

If your having a bad day read the article it should put a smile on your face

yaguchi3988d ago

sry no offends, since u point out so much mistake, y dun make a game yourself, come on, it's a game after all dud.... fantasy babes & ridiculous challenges, only can experience in a game, if not, we can be playing mario all over again~

just wanna voice out my point of view only, sry if i'm too sharp, cheers^^

dzg4ever3987d ago

... if something I hate in games that is NO JUPING!

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The story is too old to be commented.