BioWare "not afraid" of WoW

RPG king BioWare's said it's not concerned about competing with Blizzard Entertainment and World of Warcraft in a chat about its own MMO title.

"We have brought ambitious goals, but we're competing with ourselves as much as anybody," co-founder Dr. Ray Muzyka told GameSpy.

"We're ambitious and cautious and humble at the same time, so we're not afraid of taking on that challenge," he continued, but added that BioWare's not operating under the assumption that it's going to get every person that's played WoW into its own MMO.

"But we're going to get people that didn't, because we'll have things they don't have, and that's a good thing for the industry. Our goal is to [continue to] grow that industry that they've grown, and we're going in a new direction."

BioWare still skirts around specifics regarding its MMO, but it did say it's "striving" to solve the issue of combining a strong storyline with a persistent world that's populated by thousands of players.

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ktchong3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

WoW became very successful because Blizzard already had a solid reputation from making WarCraft, StarCraft and Diablo. People trust the company and the name "Blizzard", and people buy whatever Blizzard makes because they know it's gonna be good.

All other MMOs have failed because all the other companies that made them do not have the reputation of Blizzard.

BioWare, on the other hand, is more or less in the same league with Blizzard. People trust those brand names.

iceice1233987d ago

There is also the fact WoW is incredibly casual friendly. For an MMO at least. So they'd have to have a pretty dumbed down game to really compete, imo.

mistertwoturbo3987d ago

Well WoW happens to be successful because it's caters to casual players, or hardcore players.

Lotto3987d ago

I for one dont trust bioware anymore since its owned by EA.

mintaro3987d ago

classic david vs. goliath story

anonilir3987d ago

I like the fact that they are looking into adding a strong storyline to an mmo and I look forward to seeing if they can accomplish it.

alster233987d ago

screw a new mmo i want bioware to release more mass effect and other new IPs on other consoles

Xibot3987d ago

if bioware can make an mmo under the same sytem they used for mass effect, I will buy it asap (also preferably in the same shooter style).

Wow is populary because of 2 things:
a - it's background and developer
b - it's suface simplicity but deeper more developed game mechanics.

Mass effect had a very similar style, simple tree's, put your points into the skills you like most, get the best gear you can. But it becomes more developed by the squad based tactics, the upgrade system on your weapons, armor, the timing and use of your weapons and skills etc, just like wow.

IMO if they re-made mass effect, made it a bit longer, added some more spells and effects, mapped them out easier for the keyboard shortcuts and added an extra couple of classes, bit larger universe, maybe allow upgrades on the ship, the game would be the near perfect mixture of fps and rpg, what tabula rosa should've been.

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