GDC 2008: Why Developers Develop for the Xbox 360

Some developers explain why they develop on the xbox 360.

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Lucreto3895d ago

Funny that these developers like the 360 because some features are already made on live and the programming is familiar to them so its easier to program while Insomniac is out there looking for a challenge trying to do new things and with nothing given to them on a silver platter. Now they are giving out what they have learned to others.

Blankman3895d ago

i agree with you a 100%. Sony needs to strike some kind of deal with insomniac so they can buy them. Insomniac has off course expressed their desire not to be taken over but at this point they are sony's most important devs. They have to make sure they don't split. They have two great franchises under the sony brand name so if sony can strike a deal with them sort of like msoft and bungie giving them way more creative freedom i think insomniac might take it.
Back on topic this title is misleading. There was no debating 360 is easier to develop for at least compared to ps3 lol the real question is downright which one can be pushed further. Notice how he said its not about hardware specs at the beginning of the video. Subtly implying the 360 is lacking in that dept.

C_SoL3895d ago

that's goin to change.

kornbeaner3895d ago

While I agree with some of what you said, Insomniac not having help is not true. Insomniac and Naughty Dog Along with a few others are in that "SPECIAL" group of Sony friends that get more help then other Dev's. While it might not be Silver platter status it is help. But I do see where you comment is coming from.

BloodySinner3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

"Insomniac is out there looking for a challenge trying to do new things and with nothing given to them on a silver platter."
Yeah, because they just happen to be Sony's 2nd party game developer. It's not like they have much of a choice anyway. Oh, the irony.

jmare3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

@ 1 off topic: nice mask of eternity icon.
on topic: this is from MS's keynote(?), what else do people expect them to say? "360 iz teh suxxorz"

EDIT: bloodysinner, Insomniac actually has a choice. They choose to work with Sony. But as an independent studio, they can tell sony to bite the big one and go work with someone else. They probably like working with sony due to the freedom that sony gives them. For a publisher to allow a studio to take a chance and make a game completly different than what they're known for, also as a launch title, is a big deal. Why would Insomniac want to leave people they're comfortable working with?

BloodySinner3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I wasn't really questioning whether they were comfortable working with Sony or not. I was simply pointing out the reality of things. At this point in time, Sony does not have much of a choice because they need all the backup they can get. So game developers like Insomniac are given artistic "freedom".

Also, keep in mind I am NOT trying to tarnish their name. They have created awesome titles for the PlayStation 3 system so far.

I wish 'em the best.

ruibing3895d ago

Meanwhile, Sony's top developers are sharing their development technologies to improve the PS3 community. Naughty Dog wrote their engine in C/C++ so they can share with first and second party developers, while Insomniac just announced Nocturnal Initiative to share their source codes on a public website for all developers.

Lord Anubis3895d ago

bloodysinner don't be silly, insomniac has had creative freedom since the PS2 era (during the PS1 era they were under universal) the same goes for naughty dog and other developers this isn't just during the PS3 era other wise insomniac would not have had stayed with sony.

wow4u3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

"Funny that these developers like the 360 because some features are already made on live and the programming is familiar to them so its easier to program"

They like that the "OS" provides an excellent and consistent relationship between the player, his friends, media, DLC, settings, accomplishments and the like, within the game.

"while Insomniac is out there looking for a challenge trying to do new things"

No. They arent doing "new" things, they are having (as are all the rest of PS3 game developers) to re-invent the wheel with every single game. The result? A hodge-podge of features here, there. Some games have some features, some games lack some features.

All these features arent core to the gameplay experience itself (like, say, starting a video-call with a pal to ask if he wants to join a game? or sending a nice voice message along to someone after you declined his game-invite) but are *ALWAYS* elegantly implemented and availabel for the gamer to use, and the game to utilize.

"and with nothing given to them on a silver platter"

So the developers burn money repeating the same half-implemented features that the Xbox 360 has universally avaliable.

"Now they are giving out what they have learned to others."

Yet, all those features take less memory and less CPU resources away from the game on the Xbox 360 than similar features implemented on the PS3 requires vast amounts of resources.


Your description and assesment of the situation is 1000% EXACTLY wrong.

You clearly havent the remotest bit of intellectual honesty. In fact, you're just apologizing for Sony's spectacular shortcomings.

No one is talking about in-game content, like game engines and the like.

Have you ever used the Xbox 360 Guide? That's the functionality that should not be a game-by-game implementation. Further, there are big big mandatory resource requirements necessary to implement these features on the PS3.

wow4u3894d ago

@ Lucreto:

Want to read something _really funny_?

From this story:

"Sony's worldwide studios head Phil Harrison agreed, "It won't be characterised by graphics and processing power and storage media in this generation, it will be characterised by servers, community, using created content and all the things that the game developer doesn't do."

So, Phil thinks your W*R*O*N*G. Thanks.

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jmare3895d ago

This is hardly objective. This video seems to have come from MS's keynote considering the echo and how absolutely no one mentioned any other platform at all. And if this is from MS's keynote, what the hell do you expect them to say? Would have been more impressive if it was someone asking flat-out: Which platform do you prefer, PS3,360, or Wii?

Panthers3895d ago

I think it is from M$ keynote.

Anything but Cute3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

What does this mean anyway? PS3 still reached 10 million in less time than 360.

And with all developers still learning and getting comfortable with PS3

360_Rules3895d ago

That is the reason PS3 sold faster then the 360. A lot of people bought it for a cheap Blu-Ray player.

kewlkat0073895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I have no Problems with Developers being Bias with a certain architecture. Early in a consoles life, devs might play it "safe" as oppose to taking "risk", I cannot blame them. These mofos gotta get paid.

Who am I to be the spoiled brat, I mean yeah it might suck and all but, I can't hate, bash, or boycott like some fanboys been doing for no apparent reasons because they are fanboys and have the need for their console of choice, to be justified over the other..

Just as Kojima is bias with the 360,(his games have sold well on the PS name) that is fine with me. Besides other things, It's safe for him I'm sure. (especially 360 and Japan)

If a developer doesn't want to risk a platform and wants to make the quick money on another until they can get a grip on the non-favored platform, then easy, I buy the other Console.
Hey it works for me...never disappoints.

The xbox 360 has it's Pro and Cons just as PS3. Xbox played it Safe, Sony did not. One is the Underdog and One has been the Top dog. This is just business strategy. Take it for what it is, unless you have some superiority complex, as a lot do on N4G. Technically the PS3 has some Pros on the Hardware side,but with some Cons on the software side which was expected. That still does not mean I cannot and will not enjoy great games on the 360.

v1c1ous3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

when valve/EA wants to concentrate on pc/360, they are retards who don't want to try new things and suck at being developers


Adding "/sarcasm" tag since people are having trouble whenever i make a sarcastic comment

thekingofMA3895d ago

im a 360 fan and i still think thats pretty funny-but i cant tell if youre being sarcastic or not?

Peekay3895d ago

We've never seen Kojima and Square make a gimped high profile game for the 360 - the difference - quality. Now Valve and EA on the other hand - Madden and The Orange Box ring on PS3 any bells?

mintaro3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

i dont understand your comment
so basically when devs only work the PS3 its great, but when devs work only on the 360 its crap, with no innovation? how so

Silver3603895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Tell developers how to spend their money. Will you reimburse them if your way flops? They have to make decisions based on sales and time tables. Sometimes the fan boyish behavior is so dumb. Developers are running a business not a fan club. If they don't have to do something it saves them money. If it takes more time to develop on the PS3 that costs them money. Insomniac makes games for Sony because Sony pays them. Period!!! None of these developers have the luxury of making games for fun if they want to stay in business. One flop and they can be gone. It is a very hard business to be in.

jmare3895d ago

I think someone needs some Xanax. Most developers started with the360 in 2007 because is was the easy choice. Now, in 2008 things are a little different. PS3 owners are becoming vocally displeased at the lack of quality and developers are taking notice that the PS3's sales are picking up. Now they are coming up with a solution that works for both: Develop on the PS3 and then port over to the 360. It raises the overall quality of multiplats and keeps the PS3 user base content so the publishers don't start to lose money.

As far as sony paying Insomniac, no $hit. But that doesn't mean Insomniac can't go other places. And considering their track record, I'm sure there would be plenty of publishers willing to pick them up.

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antoinetm3895d ago

thanks for the propaganda microsoft.

And dont forget to transfer the money to their account.

this thing couldnt sound more fake.

"With the 360 we are able to press start and actually start the game, thank you microsoft, oh wait.. what are those 3 red light for?"

antoinetm3895d ago

You might as well report half of the comments ever made on this site.

This is called sarcasm and i'm sorry if its not tolerated in your little totalitarian world but its one way to express an opinion.

Bear with it. This is not going to change.

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