EA's micropayment ripoff: $2 Tutorials

Electronic Arts released today a set of video strategy guides for NCAA 07 Football and Madden NFL 07 over Xbox Live. Each five-minute tutorial costs 160 MS points ($2.00) and covers either Running, Passing, Run Defense, or Pass Defense.

That's right... you're paying for tutorials. You know, those things that were always included in games for free.

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Silverwolf5906d ago

For a multi million dollar company to do something like this is nothing short of embarrassing.

jtdonnelly5906d ago

There's this thing called the internet that most people have already paid for, and the cool thing about it is they have access to all kinds of tutorials and game hints for free. 2K games all the way!!!

joemutt5906d ago

They will learn when nobody buys it. Maybe the occasional accidental download, but I have some retirement stock in EA, so if it does sell, good, more money for me at retirement!

BIadestarX5906d ago

Is it cheaper and more effective than a strategy guide($19.95)? I never buy strategy guides cause I think it is a rip off that you can always get online. But if they make these in digital form so people don't have to buy the physical form and save money it may seem like a good deal for people that like buying guides. I'm not one of those so EA will not see my money.

calderra5906d ago

People are trying to make such a huge deal- these are just miniature online strategy guides.

You might have a problem with those, too. But all of us have at least needed a peek at a guide or a forum for a little tip to beat SOME game in our lives. Some people are willing to pay for that (or too lazy to look it up for free, or etc).

And also- there's the myth of "free" content. Lots of game sites (like this one!) pay for their servers through all the ad banners and stuff on the site. Lots of people are already paying for that "free" content anyway, whether they realize it or not.

f1r3waII K1LL3r5906d ago

Still not as bad as Grand turismo where polynphony(sorry if the spelling is wrong) wants you to pay alot of money to unlock cars and stuff. I doubt people will buy these tutorials though.

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The story is too old to be commented.