UGO: Battlefield: Bad Company hands-on preview

UGO's Adam Rosenberg writes:

"Our look at DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company during last week's Electronic Arts event in New York City was initially unremarkable. The game is a seemingly decent shooter with better-than-average visuals and a solid assortment of battle-ready weapons and vehicles. That is, until a wall got in the way.

"Those pesky room dividers have long been the bane of FPS fans everywhere. Even though the exit to the level is right through that door, you're going to have to traipse all the way around through a dozen different rooms and four times as many enemies just to get out. Why? Because that door is closed and no mere handgun or high explosive device can change that. It's funny then that Battlefield, a series long known for favoring arcade-style play over realism, will allow players to take out those doors and the walls which surround them in Bad Company."

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XiaoSet3894d ago

Looks good, If the online play is anything like the offline single player mode, I'd say this could beat CoD4, for me, not the masses, probably. :P