Two new 360 pads?

CVG learns two new versions of the Xbox 360 controller are doing the developer rounds

Speaking this afternoon to CVG, Konami's PES producer Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka has revealed he's currently in possession of two new Xbox 360 controllers and is playing around with them at the PES HQ.

Microsoft sent Seabass the two controllers to allow him to test re-mapped button configurations for PES, the best footy game in town, presumably to make the game as playable on an Xbox 360 pad as it is on the PS2.

It's no secret that the best pad to play Pro Evolution Soccer on is Sony's classic Dual Shock.

This also ties in nicely to previous reports that Microsoft has a unique FPS pad in testing for Xbox 360 too.

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shotty5907d ago

I hope they bring a 360 version of the original duke controller.

power of Green 5906d ago

I hope it's more durrable like the Xbox1 pad the 360 pads a joke! the joy stick where out way to fast 3 times as quik as the Xbox1. And i don't play that much mabe 1-2 hours a day sometimes only playing 3 days a week.

shotty5906d ago

I play way more than that and my joysticks are fine. If anything the controller is now smooth where the controller meets my palms.


ive played the sh1t out of my 2 pads and they are perfect. one got thrown out of a window as well!

power of Green 5906d ago

The design of the 360 pad is perfect and the best i'v ever picked up it's real comfortable and the Analoge on all the buttons are top-notch. You must admit the Xbox1 pads were built like an tank, look i got an old Xbox pad and last night i was thinking why; after palying the sh*t out of it for years is the joysticks tighter than the 360's.

sparco5906d ago

I do remember Microsoft saying a while back now that they will be releasing new controllers in the future with a much more accurate analog. The movement of the analog stick will be a lot smoother and therefore more precise. Ill probably get one for the hell of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.