Sony's Harrison: You Can't Get Wii's Whole Audience

At the "Lunch with the Luminaries" luncheon at GDC this year, Sony's president of worldwide studios Phil Harrison told EA's Neil Young that making Wii games may not be as viable as third-party publishers think.

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blynx1823982d ago

I don't get it. If he means 3rd parties won't be able to fully exploit the Wii's userbase due to casual fare, then would'nt his statement also apply to LBP since the PS3's userbase is mostly hardcore? :/

resistance1003982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

I think hes more on about the fact that the vast majorty of the games wii owners are buying are nintendo games and not giving the 3rd party games much attention (which judging on games sales, this is kind of true) This is mainly due to the fact the wii has pulled in new audiences who are more interested in the likes of Wii Fit and Wii sports then any other titles

poopsack3982d ago

Im guessing its the other way around, he means theres no use in releasing good games on wii because most of them just want casual/mini game/waggle

Intrepid3982d ago

The thing is, Sony is passing LBP as a hardcore game (or a game with the possibility of being hardcore).

I think he's trying to drive the hardcore crowd away from Nintendo's console more than they already have to redirect them to the PS3. Dirty business if you ask me.

ScentlessApprentice73982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

I think your opinion on what he's intent was behind those words is correct. From the news I've read only Nintendo's software is selling in the millions on the Wii and most of the other stuff like all that home exercise software only fares well in certain retirement homes across the country (and possibly to fat lonely gamers that want to mess around and shed some pounds at the same time).

I just don't see too much potential left in the Wii. I've had some fun with it but its more fun to the casual consumer than the hardcore consumer.

Panthers3982d ago

He does not have to drive the Hardcores away from Nintendo. Most of them either already saw what the console was or do now after not playing the thing for months.

Phils statement is completely true. Most of the Wii owners are people that might get 3 games a year. They dont need a lot of games because they only play every once in a while when they have friends over and want to have some fun. Plus, the Wii crowd is so uninformed about games that a major, and expensive game could go completely under the radar.

And that is not dirty business. That is like saying Coke trying to get people away from Pepsi to get them to buy Coke is dirty business. No it is just business.

cmrbe3982d ago

The PS fan base is very diverse. PS fanbasse are made up of hardcore,casuals and those in the middle like myself which i refer to as mainstream.

Intrepid3982d ago

It's more like Coke telling commercial makers to put a hideous girl in a Pepsi commercial. It just seems fishy. 3rd parties can do whatever they want because they're not associated with any of the big 3. He shouldn't try to manipulate them.

CadDad3982d ago

I'm complex enough to fit both the casual and hardcore model everyone is always talking about.

I would imagine a lot of people are as well.


Lifendz3982d ago

the hardcore gamer will buy a casual game but the casual game does not buy a hardcore game.

Example: My grandma, who owns a Wii, will buy a Wii play or cooking mama. I, who own a PS3, will pick up a casual game as well.

My grandma will not buy a game like Call of Duty 4 no matter what. It's too intimidating. The games have to stay casual and non-complex.

gaffyh3982d ago

Resistace100 is correct I think, also it's true what Phil is saying only Nintendo games sell well on Nintendo consoles (most of the time).

forum_crawler3981d ago

I have a wii, buy many games (the ones I like), play on a regular basis, but also play on my PC, so what is he talking about?

I can't play UT on the wii, but I can play it on my PC, so I am covered. 3rd party developers will be successful on the wii if they make good games (RE4 and GH3 come to mind...).

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NO_PUDding3982d ago

And he's right.

No offence to Nintendo owners, who are still adamant abotu their console beign great, but it really is a fad. I've asked peopel I know, who own it (like mothers and children who own it) and they all agree it's like Pokemon, or Tamagochi or Furbies.... Just a fad.

I wish they ahd broguht out hardcore console for their fans, or atleast amde it viable for Wii to be used as such. Ratehr thna a very slight upgrade from PS2.

What I will say si that, this will hoepfully set Nintendo up for the next generation, more fuds that they satretd with on development of this generation, and with Wii profits, they amy ahve anotehr shot at the hardcore gaming market.

Panthers3982d ago

Fad was the word I was using before the thing came out. People cant say that it is not a fad because it is still popular. Boy bands took a while to finally die out. That was a huge fad.

At least with the gamecube we got graphics on par with the PS2 like RE4. The Wii cannot produce RE5 graphics and therefor no one will take the Wii seriously as a console. If a developer needs money, they will throw together some puzzle game or mini game and throw it at the wall to see if it sticks.

fergie16163982d ago

Yes cause Pokemon is clearly a fad. It makes millions over a decade after its debut and you call it a fad? If the Wii was a fad it would have stopped selling out every week months ago.

VirusE3981d ago

Panther in my opinion the cube had superior gfx to the ps2 in most games. Re 4 was the gem but prime and many others also had amazing graphics that the ps2 couldnt rival. Ps2 had 100 times more games that rocked but it was ugly duckling graphicswise of the last gen. Most people never truly got to see the cube at its finest because nintendo didnt sell the component cables in retail outlets.

forum_crawler3981d ago

Did you ask me?

Well, I can tell you right now, it isn't a fad. I play it regularly, buy games and have fun. So how is it a fad? So, if the wii is a fad, when does it stop being a fad? When it sells 20 Million units? (check), when you can't find it at the stores? (check)...

Here is the kicker, since I am a gamer (not a fanboy), I accept the fact that there are games that will never play on the wii, and live with it. Thankfully great games like HL2, and UT3 are available on the PC so I can play them :).

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C_SoL3982d ago

I want In-Game XMB. Please.

OC Shock Value3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

Someone said somethin worth a damn in here.. bubbles 4 u good sir

ScentlessApprentice73982d ago

I want XMB so bad as well, when the hell is Sony going to make it happen? They better make it happen before the next Xbox comes out.

kewlkat0073982d ago

C_SoL's comment is more important, then Nintendo, which has survived like c0caroaches over the years(with NUKES from Sony+ MS) with whatever they put out.

VirusE3981d ago

I agree! It’s not like they don’t have the talent or resources to make it happen. I think it will happen sooner or later.

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eddierivera3982d ago

Making Last gen games are alot easier to make than the complicated next gen games with high resolutions and complicted architecture. Wow is this really true?

BrianC62343982d ago

If EA thinks making Smarty Pants for the Wii is as easy as making an XBLA game maybe they should drop the price to $19.99 or less. Looking at the games out there for the Wii I see motly a bunch of crap. It's like the console version of the DS.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3982d ago

because (literally) half of them aren`t gamers.

SKUD3982d ago

I agree completely. I would be bold to say more then half of them aren't gamers.

gEnKiE3982d ago

You couldn't of been more spot on. Thats exactly it too..... The Wii is more like a toy than anything. I have one, and I love it, but really its in a category of all its own. I don't even count it in the console race. To me, its the PS3 vs. 360 this generation.