GDC08: Still Alive coming to Rock Band

Joystiq writes: "There are plenty of parties here at the conference, and they're usually not the best source of news. So imagine our surprise when we read this morning that Valve used their party on Wednesday night to let it slip that Jonathan Coulton's brilliant song "Still Alive" would be available as DLC on Rock Band."

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skynidas3981d ago

This song is excellent it was like the most incredible part of the game (OK, im exaggerating) but it was awesome, playing this on rock band must be awesome

niall773981d ago

but I have had enough of that song

shizball3981d ago

Same here. I heard it too many times.

resistance1003981d ago

To be fair i'd rather they just focused on giving it a European release date rather than all this DLC stuff

Lord_Ash3977d ago

OMG, here's waiting, it would be cool if they get 2 other game songs and put it as Game Songs pack.