CheatCC Review: Patapon - Groovy, Great, and Genius

CheatCC writes: "Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon...That's the mantra you won't forget once you play Patapon for the first time. Let me start by saying this is a unique title every PSP owner should play, as long as everyone's willing to sacrifice their mental harmony for a bunch of army chants! The creators of the highly-praised LocoRoco are back with a new exceptional adventure. The two games are not all that similar, but you'll probably find a few reminders when you play Patapon. The game is a mix of very basic real time strategy, RPG, and music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. "

"The whole premise of the game is to follow the rhythm in order to meet the goals of each quest. Your PSP will become a very slick instrument with four buttons that will double as drums. Each of the drums (X, circle, square, and triangle) will make different sounds, and specific button combinations will lead the army to perform different actions like advance, attack, charge, defend, etc. If you manage to perform nine combos and keep your cool, the Patapon army will enter Fever mode; your soldiers' attacks will be much more powerful. "

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Homicide3894d ago

Pretty great score. Glad it's only $20 because I need some money for God of War.

slymaddox3894d ago

Thought the demo was great. I get my new PSP tomorrow and this will be a must buy.