Hidden ties between Free PhyreEngine and Possable New PS3 Debug kits?

In the following image from one of the slides from Sony's conference the other day leaves a puzzling assumption in my mind. Does this mean there ramping up development for all new Debug Playstation 3 Consoles? One might say yes while other say there is no evidence of such an assumption. But with some snooping on the net has unearthed a possibility of some Cheaper Debug kits in correlation to this free PhyreEngine coming in the near future.

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MrTeenie3895d ago

Wow, that is some impressive thoughts right there I'd love to see more low budget games come to the Playstation Store that are of quality!

BrianC62343895d ago

That guy needs to get a proofreader. Or at least use a spellchecker. I saw lots of mistakes in other articles he wrote. And how does he get away with that name anyway? He isn't a Sony site. The site name looks like it would be a Sony site.

DJ3895d ago

And if it's 1200 for a debug system, then whoa.

effy3895d ago

For one, I don't own the site
And two, I use spell check, ppl make mistakes sometimes. get over it.