8 Things You Want to Know About Too Human

GamesRadar writes:

"Too Human has been "a long time coming," Silicon Knights front man Denis Dyack laments at the Game Developers Conference Too Human press event. While the game has been in the works for practically forever, generating tons of press and dozens of previews (like this one), no one really seems to know much about Too Human.

So we came up with this handy list to answer all the questions you ought to be asking about one of the most controversial games never played."

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ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW3895d ago

Uhm. Fanboy?? "8 Things You Want to Know About Too Human." Uhm. Yea. None of what they said was any good or not accurate.. "The word is that multiplayer will be a co-op campaign mode that you can play with up to two friends." Uhm. I'm not very good at math.. but, that's only three players.. Not four.

"but it’s hardly the messiah of shooters, the great revolutionary of strategy, or World of Warcraft." Since when was this game boasting to be a shooter, strategy game, or like Wold of Warcraft..? From what I've seen the only game I think it fits next to is Diablo 2.. And, that's IMO.

gamesblow3895d ago

Nothing about this game screams out to me in a good way... It just looks tedious, boring, uninteresting and jsut all around bland. It's like we've seen this game so many times before, nad done better... why bother with it???

mintaro3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Wth? button masher? dont you use the analog sticks for combat?
plain drivel

DarkHero3895d ago

game really does'nt seem to be worth the hype, other games deserve it more than too human.

This game will be another mass effect at best. Meaning in the 8.0 out of 10 area.

If the developers don't get the button mashing right then it might be a flop considering much is expected from this game, or not.

mintaro3895d ago

fighting is controlled by the right analog stick, no button mashing involved

ry-guy3894d ago

The only hype this game was suffering from was horrible horrible press. Then it went black and hadn't heard from it until GDC.

This was a blatantly bias article. What I got a chuckle out of was I read this article right after the top 10 game cliches at the exploding barrel. There they said hot chicks are too cliche for games now and here we have an article moaning over the apparent LACK of hot chicks.

DarkHero3895d ago

if the developers mess up a lil bit in gameplay I bet everything else will fall apart aswell.

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