PSP - The Games of Summer 2006

What will we spend the hot summer days playing? The summer months cause a bit of confusion for most gamers. It's the only time of year the call of the outdoors equals the seductive pull of the living room couch. Beyond this, the release of high-profile games tends to slow down a little bit in preparation for the holidays. But this summer looks to be different. Especially for the PSP fans out there. Not only does your system of choice allow for gaming at the beach or local water park, it's also getting more than its share of delicious software before the holidays even start. With that, head down below to discover exactly what should occupy your time this summer.

OutLaw6201d ago

I will buy Blade Dancer. Def Jam definitely because I love that game. Tekken is already looking good on the PSP. Valkyrie cause I can't get enough RPG in my life. Now give me Powerstone and I could die in peace