PSN at Home Complaints about Sony's GDC Performance

Quoted directly from the blog posted by Justin Edwards, and editor of

"I direct this question not only to Sony, but everyone who is reading this blog…What is going on Sony?!?! Now before I get flamed for being a fanboy, or closed minded, I want to let everyone know I am PS3 owner, and love my PS3 (obviously, I'm a journalist for a Playstation fan based site). I'm just a consumer with my own opinions, and a customer who wants his six hundred dollars worth."

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Iamback3894d ago

So i should pay attention to these idiots that still think its 2007?
Quote:"Now with GDC07 here, and rumors flying around with speculations, it seems Sony has dropped the ball this time around....."

For their (moronic brains) information, it is GDC08 not GDC07. MORONS

MrTeenie3894d ago

Sorry my editor who wrote that did not catch it. I have corrected the problem thanks for pointing it out.

Iamback3894d ago

Than you should also edit every part where it says GDC06, they actually mean GDC07.
One of many (wrong) examples:
"Home was announced last at GDC06 for an op..." - it was GDC07.

niall773894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

thats pretty good if you ask me.

GDC shouldnt be about hyping games and trailers
it should be about the developers helping eachother and showing off what they can do.

its GDC not E3.

3894d ago
decapitator3894d ago

For people who are under the impression that GDC is for games, get it out of your head IT IS NOT. I know there are certain instances where companies announce games example, Microsoft debuting Gears 2 this years, and Sony unveiling LBP and Home last year.

But the real thing with GDC is developers developing special techs that will be implemented in their upcoming games and such. You guys and gals are expecting way too much out of GDC.

C_SoL3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

It shouldn't be taking this long just to implement in-game XMB. It's been how long? 1year 3months...This is bullsh*t...

EDIT:@ ALL ABOVE:Did u guys even read the article? I agree with this guy 100%. I understand that GDC is not for games, but u guys r not getting the point. Last year GDC 07, Sony showed us so much, actually most of the sh*t that they showed us ain't even out yet which is sad & were still waiting for. In-shirt XMB? Is this some kind of joke? Thats a kick to the nuts if u ask me. I'm just really hoping that we see something tomorrow, if not were gonna have to wait until E3 I'm guessing. Though I am happy about Sony showing other developers an other alternatives to develop on their system. But at times I really think THIS IS WAITING. Actually too much waiting.

Soren the Cat3894d ago

phrases like "m$" kind of belong in the open zone

i'm glad you enjoy your ps3, so do i, but come on

Lifendz3894d ago

They've made announcements before at GDC. I think they just bowed out because the hype for their games is already there. Their system is doing very well. Why reveal more than you have too?

jackdoe3894d ago

That is correct. GDC is about sharing tech and software with developers.

Nevers3893d ago

So wait... NOW, even though, I'm fine with Microsoft, I can't abreviate them M$ to save time?!?!? puh-leez... this open zone crap is getting stupid. Now we have to sift thru all these tattle-tale comments with just as little value as the flamebaiting ones.

I understand the need to get rid of the flaming but seeing so many comments being censored "by mod" is pretty disconcerting. Doesn't look to me like they move em' over to the other zone and I can't find a way to see what was written... so how is anyone supposed to know if the censoring was actually justified?

'Spose since this comment was off topic for the article and it'll be censored to...

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Panthers3894d ago

This is a developers conference. As far as I am concerned the public should not even know/care what happens here. I am glad they report it, but this information should be helpful to devs more so than info for consumers.

fallfast3894d ago

I'm with you man. Whats the hold up? With FF pushed back to 2010, now this? damn

Regret3894d ago

Just read the events name and you'll understand why there isn't much news about games.

masterg3894d ago

Comon.. Last year we had Home and Little Big Planet.
Of course we were expecting more this year.

And whats with the In-Game Tshirts :s

PirateThom3894d ago

It's a conference for GAME DEVELOPERS.

It's a showcase for engines and tech, not games.

Sony are the one's who got it right.