Rumour:PS3 Toting Location Free Skills?

That's right, rumour has it Sony's next-gen powerhouse will throw all manner of media over the internet, straight to the Wi-Fi enabled PSP.

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XboxKing5909d ago

I'm not trying to bash PS3 just putting up some news up that I found.

Man I have all ready played the PS3 and plan to buy two PS3. (One for me and one for my GF)
At less, I don't give ALL PS3 news a lame. Unlike YOU who gives all 360 news a lame vote ever time. I can also say I want both systems and I wont both to do well. “You’re only as good as your competitor” So as long as Sony has an opponent they will keep them self very competitive in this market and in the end this is good for us the fans/gamers.
Sorry for bad grammar

whateva5909d ago

What are you talking about did I miss something

kingboy5909d ago

mama! vive mon psp.Awersome,almost like ps3live connect 24/7 on a psp wherever u got wifi.

eddie145909d ago

That is a cool the trick to this is getting people to buy the PSP where the light shines bright for the DS...And I never thought it was true until now "Sony is a multimedia mogul slowly transforming it's gaming console to a media console"...Who knows...some years down the road...the multimedia options will surpass the gaming options buy including Word software and powerpoint...

UrbanJabroni5909d ago

"So there you have it. If you’ve already got a PSP, and a stack of movies ready to watch on the go, it’s worth the wait for what’s undoubtedly one of the most exciting next-gen boxes going."

Can anyone here not agree that the PS3 is ONE OF the most exciting next-gen consoles? I'd say that, right now, it is either the first, second or third most exciting one!


Also (off topic, sorry), how does someone magically go from two bubbles to five bubbles in the span of a day? Really doesn't seem like much of a punishment for behaving poorly if the bubbles come back so soon.

PS3 Ultimate5909d ago

You know, NEVER judge a console until you play it! I know I am EXTREMELY excited about The PLAYSTATION 3! I know that the experience I'm looking for is going to come from the PS3. I have already played most of the games on the 360 at my friend's house. Its looking pretty good. But I can't wait for The PLAYSTATION 3!