Resident Evil 6's "weakened" sales causes Capcom to lower its earnings for the current FY

GC: Capcom had originally targeted 7 million sales for Resident Evil 6, and based on its predecessor’s sales of 6 million, that seemed possible.

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Smurf13634d ago

So the reviews did manage to screw this game. I guess this is one time we can say brand power means nothing.

matgrowcott3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

At 11% off, my guess is that we're talking high pre-owned sales, which nullifies the need of bringing further runs onto the market (no money for Capcom) and makes the pre-owned price plummet.

Reviews don't have much to do with it. Capcom not giving much reason to keep hold of it - no announced DLC, no real PvP mode, glitches and issues at launch - is probably the bigger problem, matched only with a pretty rapidly plummeting trade-in value.

EDIT: It all makes for a very pleasing headline and it's going to get hot in here, but this isn't justice and it's certainly no indicator that the devs should return to the classic RE style (the opposite may be true). Take it for what it probably means over what you wished it did.

AsimLeonheart3634d ago

Well, it is justice for us old Resident Evil fans. The bottomline is that the game was bad and that it underperformed. This is a good lesson for CAPCOM and I hope they will learn it. They should return to the series roots if they do not want the franchise to lose any more sales and fans. They need to stop chasing after money and their very own COD dream.

Imalwaysright3634d ago

People that dont read reviews generally dont know if there is or isnt announced DLC.

matgrowcott3634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )


I've written a very long article on this:

It's in no way justice for old school Resi Evil fans, unless your idea of justice is that "this didn't appeal to me so I'm glad they've not done as well as they thought they would."

It still massively outsold almost everything in the original RE series, certainly everything from Nemesis. If it's selling well pre-owned, at a sub £20 price, that says more about how games are sold than it does about where the series is going.


That's neither here nor there. It's a case of Capcom not delivering more on top of a single player experience, not about how much people know about the future of the game.

HarryMasonHerpderp3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

I think the biggest problem is that it was just a bad game.
A poor effort for the guys that like to just shoot things and a poor effort for the fans that actually wanted a Resident Evil game.

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Kurt Russell3634d ago

"Crap game gets crap sales" would be a more fitting title.

jc485733634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

should've canceled Lost Planet 3 instead of Mega Man Legends 3.

ritsuka6663634d ago (Edited 3634d ago )

Resident Evil brand is crappy now. That shows how CAPCOM was wrong about Broshooting fest №6. Maybe next gen it will be a horror game again.

HarryMasonHerpderp3633d ago (Edited 3633d ago )

Maybe next gen we will actual have a decent amount of horror games to play instead of about 3.
We were so rich with horror games the last 2 gens.
Horror doesn't sell as much as COD so basically it just got scrapped by Capcom because of that.

ShaunCameron3633d ago

And there's your reason why Capcom opted for more action in the last 2 main RE games. Survival-horror = small market. Action/FP-TP Shooter = big market. And they were not gonna waste their time, money and resources on a genre that barely has any fans especially when they're spending A LOT. That's not to say they won't make survival-horror games. It is to say that if they do make them, they're gonna have to set the budget and their sales expectations accordingly which is what they did with RE:R for the 3DS.

@ ritsuka666

I'm not gonna hold my breath for that.

ErazorDJ3634d ago

Next Capcom failure: Devil May Cry

caseh3634d ago

They've been clever with that ball though by passing it to NT to develop. When the inevitable backlash is felt its NT who will take the flak, Capcom will get a slap on the wrist but won't be held directly accountable. :)

FarCryLover1823633d ago

Even though the new DmC is not what people wanted (me included), it sure as day is going to be leaps and bounds better than RE6.

doogiebear3633d ago

Yeah, but they'll be held FINANCIALLY responsible to their investors, and THAT is something that will screw Capcom and their soon to be fired, no-talent-having directors/employee's.

lizard812883633d ago

People are already complaining about the mechanics of the game too, rather than just looks (from the demo). That doesn't bold well either. The dev shrug it off though, because he is a douche (forgot his name).

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