PlayStation’s best one hit wonders – the games that never came back

Sometimes being good enough isn’t… well, good enough. There have been plenty of classics and much loved PlayStation games that just never got a second chance and no amount of petitions or just plain begging will change that. Of course in some cases that is for the best.

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Dark_Overlord4235d ago

Agree with all of these, I own and have completed each. They all had some minor flaws, but that didn't stop them being great games.

Oddly enough I remember XIII and Haven saying 'to be continued' at the end of the games, I even contacted Midway? about Haven and they said it would appear at some point (yeah right :/)

doogiebear4235d ago

Also, "Beyond Good & Evil". Great game.

r214235d ago

Oh man, I was never able to play Ghost Hunter on PS2, my ps2 couldnt read it. Heard it was a brilliant game. Oh and Psychonaut, oh psyhconauts, why hasnt Tim Schafer started developing Psychonauts 2 and stop with the kinect games :L

Bathyj4235d ago

Psi Ops and silent bomber.

Scarfy4235d ago

I remember being blown away by the graphics of Ghosthunter and Primal. I think they were developed in England, to demonstrate what the PS2 was truly capable of. Worked for me.

prototypeknuckles4235d ago

haven, primal, psychonauts are the only ones ive played and they are some really good games

this list should add
kya dark lineage

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Freedom Fighters is a Forgotten Gem Deserving of a Remake

BY JAMES BELL: Gaming in 2003 was the best. I won’t hear anyone say otherwise, it just was. Gorging on a gaming diet of Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Halo 2, Fable, and Devil May Cry 2 on my consoles, and “Hey Ya” by OutKast playing on my hi-fi. Bliss.

Whether you were gaming back then or not, you may have missed one of the most underrated games of 2003: Freedom Fighters. Developed by IO Interactive, the studio behind Hitman, Freedom Fighters deserves a lot more recognition for its interesting setting and fun gameplay that holds up to this day.

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OtterX155d ago

Oh man, I remember playing this on Gamecube. I picked it up at random used from Gamestop and I couldn't put it down, from start to finish. I'm sure if I went back to it now, the nostalgia wouldn't hold up. I'd like to see it reimagined for sure!

GoodGuy09155d ago

I loved this game on gamecube. It actually got a steam release and boy did it....not age well lol.

CDbiggen154d ago

Changing the controls using an emulator make this just about playable, if I remember correctly aiming properly requires you to hold the stick down which is awful.

Chocoburger154d ago

I tried the game about 2 years ago on Xbox, and yeah, the controls were un-playable for me. I can't remember why the controls were so bad, but I stopped after about 15 minutes, it was just terrible. Also the intro story was so darned goofy and contrived, we go from calm NYC to full scale invasion within 60 seconds.

An emulator may fix that, perhaps I'll try it on PCSX2 or Dolphin.

CDbiggen154d ago

Yeah very weak story. I enjoyed the game as a kid but going back to it a few years ago was quite the eye opener. However there is fun to be had in the split screen multiplayer. 2-4 player hold the flag objective where you can recruit up to 8 NPCs each. Unique in that way. Got a few fun plays out of that and laughing at the jank is part of it.

Kosic154d ago

I remember playing this game when it came out. But I don't remember it being amazing.

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The Brilliance of Psychonauts Holds Up 18 Years Later

Double Fine's seminal platforming adventure game still holds up after all this time.


Freedom Fighters: A Game That Deserves a Remake Treatment

Freedom Fighters is a timeless classic that needs to be updated. Since its release nearly twenty years ago, “Freedom Fighters” has been able to win over the affections of gamers.

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LG_Fox_Brazil539d ago

One of the most underrated gems of the PS2, a really great game

FingerAction539d ago

Very underrated gem…. I was obsessed with this game in my younger years.

isarai539d ago

Weird how a side project ps2 game had some of the most capable orderable companion ai ever made. Like their behavior is nothing groundbreaking, but if you tell them to cover an area, or attack an area, they do a damn fine job of being about as capable as you in shooting and cover