Rumor: Gamestop Wii Kiosk To Require Credit Card and more

While all firmly in the rumor file, this rumor is pretty interesting as an inside glimpse into how the nation's biggest game store is reacting to next gen. Namely: the Wii kiosk will require a credit card to use in store, Zune won't be doing gaming in the near future and Gamestop hates Sony.

original seed6264d ago

CC for playing WII soinds good. It might keep little kids away. I wonder how they are going to regulate this. will they constantly have employees srcreaming to people not to touch.

hamburgerhill6264d ago

Yeah this should stop those annoying people from getting in the way that have know intetion on purchasing one!

zypher6263d ago

for some reason the link doesn't work for me, so i'm unable to read the actual story. anyway, it matters little. i'm not that big of a fan of Gamestop. they rip people off by selling used (aka, scratched-disc, manuel-less and case-less) games for a whopping $5 cheaper than the same game new. furthermore, unless your lucky, you're likely to get served by one of the many fanboy-clerks they seem to employee nation-wide.

Captain Tuttle6263d ago

is one long headline! It is interesting about the PS3, though.

Aramis0016263d ago (Edited 6263d ago )

Think the headline was long enough?

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Valve Made Left 4 Dead 2 Because The First Game Was A Broken Mess

Left 4 Dead lead Chet Faliszek describes the original Left 4 Dead game as "such a broken thing that nobody wanted to touch it."

Number1TailzFan2d ago

And then couldn't be arsed to make a third game.

If they can add a lot more stuff to a 2nd game in just 1 year why didn't they make a third game a few years later with tons of stuff extra? Because that shows they could've.

I know Source 2 was kind of broken and was a reason they cancelled L4D3 but it seems wasteful to just toss it away.

Don't know what Valve were thinking.. it's like nobody wanted to fix the issues to get going. They certainly aren't the Valve of 2004 that released fun games with pretty cutting edge graphics.

cthulhucultist1d ago

Valve is allergic to number 3 it seems. It would be easier for them to release a Left 4 Dead 2.5 enhanced version instead of releasing a game with "3" slapped on its title.

rakentaja2h ago

They stopped making games a long time ago. Steam brings in so much money that it's really not worth the effort. Nowadays, people only look for faults in games, and spend more time whining on Twitter/X than playing the game anyway. Valve says a big fat no-no.

anast1d ago

Value is the Blockbuster of video games. They have no need to invest in deving a game, when they can make handfuls of cash renting them.

-Foxtrot2d ago

What are they talking about? Seemed pretty alright to me at launch it just wasn't supported the way Valve promised us

They should have just worked on a revamp / massive update to the game but they didn't they jumped straight to a sequel with brand new characters despite having some sort, if small, story about where the original survivors were heading.

I didn't care for the direction they took the sequel, the original games tone and atmosphere was missing in the second game and is still unmatched. Daytime levels, more whackiness, melee weapons where you could attack a Tank with a frying pan...just wasn't the same to be honest and the new survivors just didn't hold up the originals.

Here's my speculation. I think they did a sequel because they didn't want to update a game co-developed by Turtle Rock, they wanted the franchise to be known as a Valve game only and knew if they updated the first one Turtle Rocks name would still linger on it.

shaenoide23h ago

I want broken games like L4D all day long...

GhostScholar22h ago

Well the first game was by far the best

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Quake 4 - Launching the Xbox 360 FPS Addiction

Quake 4 arrived as an Xbox 360 launch title soon after its PC debut, and heralded an era in which the single-player FPS dominated.

DefenderOfDoom21d ago

For me, what launched the single player FPS campaign on consoles was Playstation DOOM which I bought during the launch window for the Playstation 1 back in 1995 which ended up being the best port of DOOM on consoles back in the 90s .