Here Comes Blu-Ray

From Hometheaterforum.com: "What I saw this evening was VERY impressive! We watched scenes from Ice Age II, The Day After Tomorrow, and Ridley Scott's 3-hour director's cut of Kingdom Of Heaven, the first 50GB release from the studio.

I'll be damned if I saw any imperfections in the quality of the displayed picture in the parts we got to see. As far as I'm concerned, the image quality was just as stunning as stuff I have seen on HD-DVD. Furthermore, the Java based interactive content and menu controls that we viewed on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen looked just as impressive as some of the new content being put on new HD-DVD Universal titles such as Fast & Furious 2: Tokyo Drift.

The studios have something else to be very optimistic about with the upcoming release of the Playstation 3 gaming console due to arrive this fall. There have been many concerns by home theater enthusiasts as to how well the PS3 will perform as a Blu-Ray player. Fox talked extensively about the Playstation 3 and the Blu-Ray titles they have been testing on their sample unit. According to the studio, the Blu-Ray titles played much better on the PS3 than standard DVDs have in regular DVD players. This sort of promised compatibility certainly raises the stakes of the PS3 being a reliable Blu-Ray delivery unit similar to the interesting developments surrounding the XBox 360 for HD DVD"

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CAPS LOCK6358d ago

so the blu ray player in the ps3 is high quality aye i remeber one member of this site(the mart) who said that the ps3's blu ray player would be "crappy" and "low quality" i guess you where wrong.

anyway this is good news for the ps3 and i hope i can import one from the US.

Shadow Flare6358d ago

considering sony is going to use the ps3 to really push the bluray medium, i hardly think they would fit the ps3 with the lamest, cheapest bluray player available

If ps3 is to push blu-ray, then it needs to impress people and show off what it can really do. Thats why i believe the bluray player in the ps3 will be really good and this article reflects that

joemutt6358d ago

$500 is not cheap, for any type of HD player.

Tut6358d ago

There is a big difference between "cheap" and "inexpensive" =)

power of Green 6358d ago

Blu-ray's been here for quite some time now.

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