ANARCHY REIGNS - Bayonetta Pre-Order DLC Trailer

Introducing the celebrity pre-order bonus, Bayonetta!

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raiden-492490d ago

Great advertisement for a game (Bayoneta 2 on the wii U)that will not be on the systems its advertised on (ps3 and xbox360)

supersonicjerry2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

Do you like not read or notice anything? The game is Anarchy Reigns which has bayonetta on the game as a pre-order bonus.

RyuX192490d ago

She was in the game months ago, before Bayonetta 2 was announced for Wii U.

ATi_Elite2490d ago

Bayonetta I love You!!!!

One of my favorite Characters......she deserves a Movie and maybe one of these actresses could play Bayonetta.......

Ziyi Zhang
Kate Beckinsale
Angelina Jolie
Eva Mendez
Charlize Theron

Ryo-Hazuki2490d ago

Imported it back in July and loved every minute of it.

banjadude2490d ago

hey... do you know if there is going to be any major differences between the Japanese version and the N.A one?

Ryo-Hazuki2490d ago

The Japanese version is essentially the NA version. All languages are on the disk

BXbomber2490d ago

where to pre-order to get bayonetta dlc?