One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 Scan 2, Release Date March 20, 2013

brand new scan for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 has been revealed.

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tayz2134d ago

HOT DOG! day 1 buy for sure! gfx look so nice!

krontaar2134d ago

Not really a fan of yearly releases. I would rather them put more work into the game then add minuscule amounts of stuff like CoD.

AznGaara2134d ago

Same. But they cut out two whole story arcs with the last game so that could make up for something?

Moncole2134d ago

They are saying its taking place in the New World but will only take place on Fishman Island and arcs the first skipped.

GraveLord2134d ago

Yearly releases are key to building a successful franchise. If they can do that without sacrificing quality I say go ahead!

I wont' be buying this just like the first one since there's no English voices and way too far ahead of the english dub in story..

PS3gamer4life2134d ago

So what if its no English u can read can u?

Ult iMate2134d ago

I would really love to see Unlimited Adventure on PS3/PSV. Too bad Namco reserved these games for Nintendo consoles.
I guess, I should give Pirate Warriors 2 a try on my Vita.