Are we ready for PS4 when PS3 is about to hit its peak in 2013?

PSU looks at what 2013 holds for PS3 and wonders whether we're ready for the introduction of the PS4.

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MultiConsoleGamer2349d ago

Don't worry, we are going to have plenty of time to enjoy the PS3.

MasterCornholio2349d ago

Yep Sony won't dump it like Microsoft with the XBOX. This is the main reason why I am willing to wait a while before buying a PS4.

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Belking2349d ago

You really have no choice but to wait. It won't be here til 2014 anyway.

Gamer19822349d ago

PS4 will be Christmas 2013s number 1 gift everywhere except maybe the US where Xbox may take number 1 spot. However PS3 will still sell bucketloads just like PS2 did for a few years after ps3's launch.

darthv722348d ago

there is no rule that says because a new system comes out you all of a sudden have to stop playing the previous one.

To the millions that havent experienced a PS3 it is like the days when people bought into the outgoing platform when the new one was on the rise. There is a market for both but even these companies must have a limit as to how long they want to promote both.

As to Cornholio's point. MS took that risk of dropping the xbox and it paid off. While they were focused on making games for the 360 there were other titles still released for the xbox.

That would be the ideal method for any company that is looking to move their latest and greatest. I have seen nintendo hold onto that previous platform just a little to tightly when they could have been pushing their newest. Sony is no different.

Keep in mind that a platforms competition isnt the black and white obvious choice of another company. in many cases, their biggest competition is themselves.

bigfish2349d ago

i'd actually be happy with at least another two years of the PS3!! This has to be the greatest generation so far with so many quality titles and PS3 leading the way, hats off to Sony.

Y_51502349d ago

Yes the PS3 is probably my favorite system of all time! Topping the SNES and 64. It has brought so many great new games and experience it's just unbelievable. I never regret buying my first PS3 in late 2009.

REDGUM2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Personally, I think the PS3 has a good few years ahead if it still. Developers are now, seriously
tapping into its full potential. Far Cry 3, Beyond, The Last Of Us, possibly Watch Dogs too.
I think Sony should hold off till 2015 for a new console. The worlds economy has not yet recovered properly for us all to spend $1000 AUS on a new console. Let X-box release 1st like last time and see the sales hold off for the new playstation to release 1st. People will have learned by now that the Playstation brand is a force to be reckoned with. As was the case over x-box this gen.
I'm sure we'll see a release sooner than my 2015 prediction but my gut feeling says to hold off for now.
We'll see I suppose. I'm a PS user by choice as it best suits my needs and lifestyle, no of fence intended to the x-box user intended.
Happy gaming all.

BushLitter2349d ago

I very much doubt that Watch Dogs will release on current-gen consoles. If it does it will be a real shame. That game has a lot of potential, I would hate to see it restricted by 2005/2006 tech. Same can be said for GTAV for that matter.

Nevertheless Last of Us looks just incredible. I have no problem with PS4 releasing in 2014. I have been playing mostly PC of late with the obvious exception of console exclusives.

I don't think Sony can really afford to wait till 2015 with Microsoft gearing up to release the NextBox. I prefer the PS3 personally, but who knows what will happen next-gen ;)

Npugz72349d ago

Its time for next gen!

NexGen2349d ago

I agree.

I've had this name since 1991 with prodigy dial up comes and goes with popularity.

moodgamer2349d ago

Im more than happy with my PS3 and PSVITA. Want a new Xbox not a Playstation 4. The game that are about to release to PS3 are just crazy awesome. I wanna play games not buy a new console with shi*** releases.

Veneno2348d ago

I actually agree with what you said. I think a new Xbox is totally in order as that console has been giving us the same types of games the last 4 years, while PS3 keeps on giving us new things to experience. I really want Sony to bring the pain for the Vita this E3 :)

mi_titan272349d ago

i personally think it would benefit sony to have a peak yr. with the PS3, then release PS Orbis at the end of the year. Sony would be getting such good praise on all its exclusive, and will benefit the next-gen release

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