Show Creators Confirm Lost: Via Domus Not Canon With Show

In an interview with EW regarding Lost, and what's happening with the current season of the show Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have confirmed that the plot for Lost: Via Domus won't necessarily be canon with the overarching plot of the TV show.

"The mobisodes are in canon. The Orchid video is in canon. The videogame is not in canon," comments Cuse when questiond about the many offshoots the show has spawned.

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Torch4199d ago

The SHOW is not canon with the show.

What a waste of my life that was...watching those first two-plus years of the show...forever eagerly anticipating, but never receiving, even a single valid explanation for any of the myriad absurd plot threads that never cease to chaotically multiply and spiral out control.

Please let me know when all the characters are dead.

zdonit4199d ago

Or are they already dead....


Torch4199d ago

LOL...Touché, touché!

Nostradamus4199d ago

When Hurley yelled "Im one of the oceanic 6" I literally lost my mind for a few seconds.

It just takes time to answer the many questions. If you think about it, most of the questions from season 1 have been answered. Although they just bring up more questions in the answers.