'The War Z' goes live on Steam, without stating the game is not even finished

Shockingly, “The War Z” has officially went live on Steam, but the game hasn't reached a final build yet. While some may think there is nothing wrong with this type of release model, I would agree, as this would provide a basis for implementing features as the build progresses. But, the way Hammerpoint Interactive has decided to do about this release is simply immoral, as they have not stated this information anywhere on the official product listing for this title.

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ATi_Elite2344d ago

PC Gamers every where strongly suggest you DO NOT waste your money on WarZ!

Lots of documented bad reports about WarZ as the game is just a quick money grab and the rumors of the Pub not making a certain cash figure will lead to the servers going down in 6 months!

Check the forums, ask other gamers about their accounts being banned, please do your research and make an informed decision!

I've always said since I first saw WarZ that it would make an EXCELLENT console game but as far as meeting PC Gamers requirements WarZ seems to be just a money grab to finance console development with NO INTENTIONS of correcting the flaws that would make it a solid PC Game and that's just "My Humble Opinion"!

Also the Dirt Poor Customer Support really shows that WarZ has no love for the PC community! For me it's DayZ all the way but like I said do your own research and make a sound choice before spending your cash on WarZ!

Happy Gaming!!

Ilovetheps42343d ago

I wish I could check the forums, but they have shut down the forums. Or at least it seems that way to me. It says they have banned my IP even though I've never been on their website before. There's a bunch of fishy business going on with this game.

konnerbllb2344d ago

I gave it a week of my time and I regret spending that much money on the game. It's too "arcad-ie". Hackers in every server, corrupt developement team calling people fa%^ots. They took a good idea from another developer and converted their game code from War inc. to perform like a zombie survival game. Again, I regret giving them the benefit of the doubt.

sithsylar2343d ago

TotalBiscuit did a whole video on this subject as well:

quite interesting if you ask me...

Skate-AK2343d ago

So many articles on this. That should bring enough awareness.

BanBrother2343d ago

I have seen many articles on this, and all of them are saying to not buy it. It seems very fishy, the whole WarZ saga.

I feel like I'm in the world of Pokemon. This is some crazy ass Team Rocket get rich scheme.

thezeldadoth2343d ago

i can't tell if its really bad, or if DayZ fanboys have slandered it beyond repair. but i dont want to spend money to find out lol

sithsylar2343d ago

Watch this video...

Its really that bad....

porkChop2343d ago

The game really is that bad, and the devs ban anyone who criticize them. They've also been banning players with high play time knowing that the player is hooked, making them buy the game again. The game is shit though, and all the features listed on the Steam page are lies, they're not in the game.

ThanatosDMC2343d ago

Watch Totalbiscuit's review... also other people's reviews and you could also watch some twitch videos.