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GameDynamo - "I never thought I'd see the day an 8-bit Mega Man would fight off against an 8-bit Ryu or Chun Li. However, to celebrate Mega Man's 25th Anniversary, Capcom has combined two of their beloved franchises to bring us Street Fighter X Mega Man."

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DJZed2351d ago

Indeed! Great game and lots of memories...

silkrevolver2351d ago

And here I am, with my Mac and no partition.

Ben_Grimm2351d ago

Next I want to see a Capcom X Mega Man game!

BigBoss32351d ago

Good thing this thing is getting great reviews mega man and street fighter both deserve this wait this game was made by a fan no wonder it didn't cancel

DivineAssault 2351d ago

gotta have this.. come to consoles please

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