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GR: Before we can usher in the New Year, let’s reminisce about the top sport genre games of 2012. This year, like any another, has brought in a number of sports titles diverse enough to please most fans, looking for the best in the category. With such a wide range, it’s barely possible to pick one. FIFA 13 has shown much improvement and with just a few more additions, Madden 13 could be in a league of its own. SSX even had an impressive showing; the evolution of snowboarding is here! Developers have steadily been able to reinvent and rejuvenate their respective projects with creativity that keeps us excited.

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knifefight2351d ago

What about Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden? :o

ftwrthtx2351d ago

That's in a class all by itself.

BX812350d ago

Am I the only one that thinks the player models look like crap?

MaleManSam2351d ago

It's a good game. But they seriously messed up the PC version. I mean, damn...

And wtf is up with VC and SP. Seriously.

MikeMyers2350d ago

NHL 13 is honorable mention and not even in the top 5? Fail.