Hollywood Monsters Review [Capsule Computers]

Jamie Laike Tsui of Capsule Comptuers writes:

"Hollywood Monsters, also known as The Next Big Thing on the PC, is made by Pendulo Studios, the developers behind adventure game hits Runaway and Yesterday. The game is a reboot of the original Hollywood Monsters released in 1997 for the PC. Hollywood Monsters features witty writing, solid visuals, and an outstanding audio experience packaged at an unbeatable price."

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ManDemon2348d ago

I wonder why the need for two different names across mobile and PC.

masterabbott2348d ago

This game is awesome! I have it on the iPad and its totally worth a 9.5/10 out of ten! great voice acting in the game, and really fun to play.

Ryder492348d ago

Nice review. Makes me want to actually try the game out for myself.

ZacE2348d ago

I'll definitely check it out now.