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Writing game stories can be tough work, obviously. Why else would so many stories repeat the exact same tropes, like gaining magical powers and fighting off orcs with the help of dwarves and/or elves? Because coming up with reasons to justify shooting, stabbing and magicking things is hard, that’s why.

Fortunately, we’ve gone and done game developers a favor, removing all guesswork from writing game stories. Just follow our handy chart to go step-by-step through fashioning a fully functional video game story, providing plenty of reasons to shoot things and blow up other things — just like in every other game!

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SageHonor2349d ago

I actually thought this would be a little more serious

s45gr322349d ago

WTF was this it didn't talked at all in regards to writing video game stories

SageHonor2349d ago

Disappointing isn't it?