Wii U: What Nintendo Got Right

GamesAbyss writes:

"Written on the DNA of many a gamer, especially those who are now married and with families of their own, is a bright red logo: Nintendo. Regardless of the Atari's place in the world at the time, it was the original Nintendo Entertainment System that truly made gaming a viable industry and home hobby. Fast forward 30 years, after countless Super Mario Bros. adventures, and Hyrule dungeons, and you arrive to the modern age of gaming."

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Benjaminkno2343d ago

If anyone in the industry has risen to their peak, fallen quicker and harder, but still galvanizes millions of fans, it's Nintendo. They took a risk going family oriented in the beginning. It may still pay off when Spring and Summer roll out their big guns. Nintendo has to have something out of their sleeve to come out for the 2013 holidays. It's going to be a head to head match-up between Microny, or SonySoft. I can't wait to see the converging war for gaming market share. I'm leaning more towards XBox for the time being, but I'm not ruling Sony out. Nintendo will always be around even if their shareholders force them to push a cell phone to the market. Let's just all hope the death of console doesn't become realised.

I fear Nintendo's resiliance, Apple's invasion, and a down gaming industry might stifle the possibility of enough room for one of the other's chances. The stakes are high.

deafdani2343d ago

"If anyone in the industry has risen to their peak, fallen quicker and harder, but still galvanizes millions of fans, it's Nintendo."

Dude, you spelled Sega wrong.

caseh2343d ago

'If anyone in the industry has risen to their peak, fallen quicker and harder, but still galvanizes millions of fans, it's Nintendo.'

But they haven't fallen though, they shifted close to 2m units across all its gaming formats in November. At which point does that equate to a bad thing?

Benjaminkno2340d ago

I would say the Gamecube was a pretty hard fall, especially compared to SNES.
Don't get me wrong, I loved GC, but it was a dud in terms of sales and market share. Third party sales on their systems were pathetic, still are.

chukamachine2343d ago

It wasn't the new controller that's for sure.

felidae2343d ago

i own a 360 and a PS3 but the Wii U controller is the best thing that happened to gaming in a long time.

Nintendo is on the right track!!!

deafdani2343d ago

Oh, the new controller is one of the things that Nintendo got right with the Wii U. SO VERY RIGHT.

Haters gonna hate.

TongkatAli2343d ago

Wii U is my main home console and NSMBWU is a blast. I dare you to get bored of that game, the game is too good. The best 2D Mario game.

mcstorm2343d ago

At the moment the 360 is my main console at home but I own a PS3 360, PSV, 3DS and now a WiiU. I have to agree with what your saying about it becoming your main home console. I got MrioU, ZombieU, Sonic All Stars, Nintendo Land and COD BO2.

ZombieU is a very hard game or so I have found so far but I like that side of it as its not a run and gun game which we have seen far to many of this gen. To me is something fresh to the market like the res games were when they 1st came out but this is not a game everyone will like abit like Alan Wake was. This was my game of 2010.

I agree about MarioU to me this is the best version of 2D Mario since the SNES days. Im loving it.

Nintendo Land has been the game that shocked me the most it is really fun and could be a very good party game you keep going back to.

Sonic All Stars although not an exclusive works well on the WiiU and Wii controller and to me is as close as anyone has got to DK racing.

COD BO2 is also another game I was shocked with. I am not a COD fan I have not owned a COD game since MW2 as I would rather play Halo but picked it up to see what a run and gun FPS game would play like on the WiiU controller and I am impressed at how well it plays and the game is fun and because there are not 100s of thousands of people playing the game you seem to get less campers to.

I got the WiiU because I thought it looked an interesting console and now I have had it a few weeks I am finding the console a very good experience and could see it becoming my main console for next gen if the 3rd party keep supporting it.

I don't think the WiiU will be a Wii where millions of people buy it to pull out at partys and xmas I see more gamers picking up the console this time round and I see the WiiU next xbox and PS4 sales being closer next gen rather than have one that is way out in the lead.

felidae2343d ago

i hope Sony and Microsoft will have a controller with built-in touchscreen, too!

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