Why We Need to Combine Innovation and Power

Kris Lipscombe:

It seems like this year has seen a lot of focus of what’s coming next rather than what’s happening now. All year we seem to have been looking at the next gen and just what it will bring, which is perhaps understandable. Looking towards the future is always more exciting than making sense of what’s going on now, speculation is a lot more interesting than looking at simple facts; it’s the same reason why there’s so much interest in celebrity rumour and gossip.

Of course part of this speculation has come to an end with the arrival of the Wii U; we now have one of the three home consoles that will, in all likelihood, compose the next generation of TV gaming. There are certainly some who will argue that the Wii U doesn’t belong in the next generation of gaming but for the purposes of this article lets put that to the side and simply include the Wii U.

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miyamoto2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

because video gaming must PROGRESS in a balance manner.

A video game is an electronic game that involves human interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device.

Video games is first and foremost 'VIDEO' and second "GAME'.
The VIDEO caught your interest first before you got engaged with GAME play.

Pong will never be a video game with out the video graphics needed to show it in the first place.
If you wanna twist that logic around you are better off playing ping pong outside with your friends.

People's IMMATURE attitude here on N4G who always say hardware specs at progressive graphic fidelity, does not matter are:

for Video
1 like people who wanted the television to stay in black and white for the longest time & deprive themselves of the beauty of color!

for Audio
2 like people like people who wanted to listen to AM sound instead of FM surround stereo
like people who say "We will settle for 8-bit music we dont want a full orchestra!"

for AI (artificial intelligence)
3 like people who say they don't need personal computers & are fine with their pocket calculator

And its like they do not want the video gaming industry to 'grow up' and remain old tech & stagnant like Peter Pan for the sake of their brand loyalty.

And there is the issue of video game piracy! Hardware power is needed to combat this problem that has closed many development house down & many out of jobs.

Like the Wii U, a next gen Nintendo console, is hacked on the first day of launch. Do you honestly think its okay for developers & ultimately U? Do you want to pay $60 for a game while millions out there play it for free?

Video games needs to move forward, people if you want them to survive and stay relevant.

ElectricKaibutsu2346d ago

What? Is this referring to the article?

I think the article is just saying we can have the best of both worlds. We don't need to choose. I'm all for both. The problem is you tend to end up with a high price. You need to find a balance between innovation, power, and price. A PS4 with a Vita for every controller would be amazing, but expensive.

TongkatAli2346d ago

Wii U and Vita are kick ass. We haven't seen nothing yet, these two are going to be legends in gaming. Inb4sales sigh :(

Jadedz2346d ago

Though cost also plays an important factor. If consumers aren't buying your product, how will it affect the bottom line?

As a gamer - definitely, though it isn't always in the company's best interest.

abzdine2345d ago

Innovation comes first cause it's the most important thing. Power isn't that relevant but for sure Innovation and power give great things.

strigoi8142345d ago

its like threesome the more the merrier lolz..kidding

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