PlayStation Store Preview – December 18th, 2012: It’s an Oddworld After All

Even though there aren’t any more significant retail releases left in 2012, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a packed digital release line-up left in store. This week is loaded with PSN releases and demos for both the PS3 and PS Vita. But best of all, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is hitting the PlayStation Vita this week. Don’t forget, you can stock up on the year’s best games in the Holiday Essentials Sale starting this week.

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Sev4004d ago

Another good week. PS Store's been on fire lately.

Godchild10204004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

Yes, it has. Just in case anyone wants to take advantage of LBP and Rayman on Tuesday, but are worried about it coming to plus, this is what Morgan Haro had to say about it.

"While some updates to the PS Vita Plus free games is coming shortly; there are some great deals on some PS Vita content with the Holiday Sale like LBP Vita and Rayman Origins. Those games are not slated to be free in Plus for PS Vita in the near future, so it may not be a bad idea to jump on those deals!"


4004d ago
rainslacker4004d ago

Nothing worse than thinking your getting a great deal on a game and then seeing it free the next week. I'd be surprised if Rayman Origins ever becomes free on the Vita unless a new Rayman game were on the horizon for it. In fact I can't think of a single Ubisoft game that's been released on Plus. And LBP just released not too long ago, and will probably be at least 6+ months before it's considered.

Y_51504004d ago

Yes I accidently bought 3 extra copies of LBP ViTA. It was a good deal though. :P

insomnium24003d ago

I keep shaking my head in disbelief. How CAN they keep giving us games on PS+ like this? It seems I will be a lifetime member. I would be insane not to be.

I keep selling the games I already have that they add to + so my subscription is already paid for the first year after a month. SMH Sony... You treat us waaaay too good.

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dbjj120884004d ago

Yeah, always new stuff to check out. I don't think they've had a slow week all winter.

showtimefolks4004d ago

maybe i will pick up resident evil 4 HD(wish it was on disk)

and rayman origins

Bowzabub4004d ago

You forgot LBP2 X-Controller DLC.

Cam9774004d ago

It's a shame that can't be said for the UK Ps Store thanks to the outrageously incompetent SCEE. We have the "12 days of Christmas" and a "Festive Sale" but that's all, and, the discounts haven't been as good as last year.

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dbjj120884004d ago

Stranger's Wrath for me! Love that game. Can't wait to play again on Vita.

Dir_en_grey4004d ago

I wish it was cross buy...
I'll mainly play it on Vita but still wish for the PS3 version though.

Obnoxious_Informer4004d ago

The Unfinished Swan is probably the best standalone PSN exclusive this year, I highly advise anyone who hasn't checked it out to download the demo, you'll love it.

doogiebear4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

I own journey. And I don't think it's so special. And btw, I actually love artsy, emotional games like Flower...

I'm entitled to my own opinion.

BitbyDeath4004d ago

I'm waiting for it to come on sale in 12 deals of Christmas, should be out in the next day or two :-)

wastedcells4004d ago

Nice did they confirm that for north America or is it only in Europe.

BitbyDeath4004d ago

Probably Europe only as the other Christmas deals have been.

eg. http://blog.eu.playstation....

I think it was said to be deal number 10 and we are already at #9.

Most games have had around 50-60% off so should be pretty cheap.

MariaHelFutura4004d ago

Nice. I'm buying Rayman Origins and Resident Evil 4.

MultiConsoleGamer4004d ago

Already played Strangers Wrath many years ago. I feel bad for brand loyal fanboys who only own one console.

isarai4004d ago

I played it many years ago aswell, still buying it though because it has updated HD visuals and texture work and it's on a handheld which means i can play it anywhere.

violents4003d ago

who says people who only own one console are brand loyal fanboys. Perhaps they just arent a spoiled child like you and can't afford multiple systems. And frankly what does this have to do with anything in this comment section?

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