Why Fighters Are Still Bad For Gaming

So, people got a bit annoyed at what karl wrote about yesterday, so, he wrote another article on it in response, enjoy it.

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KwietStorm2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Getting on a soap box for the sake of getting on a soap box doesn't make your opinion any more valid. Reiterating said misguided opinion piece just annoys people further.

AznGaara2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

He talks about how he did his "research." Why not go arcades like Next Level or Super Arcade and experience for himself?

jc485732343d ago

fighting community does need to grow up and take the game a little more seriously.

Hicken2343d ago

It's no more or less mature than the community of any other genre.

It just so happens that- like a lot of things involving gaming- the negative stuff is what's played up the most.

PS4isKing_822343d ago

I agree to a certain extent but truth be told what's really bad for gaming is the flood of generic lame 1st and 3rd person shooters. And the army of prepubescent 12 year olds shouting sexual and racist slurs in your ear. Seriously, the gaming industry needs a huge break from shooters. And for all the devs who make these shooting games, having ur character shout "fuck" 20 times in a sentence doesn't make your game any better or grown up. It just shows your lack of talent to make a respectable and moving storyline.

MattS2343d ago

Look, this guy hasn't written a very good piece here, but he does have a point. The fighting game community is incredibly hostile as a culture. Some people are great, but overall it is an uncomfortable community for outsiders to observe.

It's not good for the actual community either. The more welcoming a community can be, the more positive the impact that it can have.

So yeah, fighting game fans - please stop condoning or ignoring the bad eggs. Do something about them, and your communities reputation will improve markedly.

caseh2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

Fighting game lobbies in particular suffer from 'WIN AT ANY COST' antics which is why new players get slammed. You even get veteran 'try hard' players who have to win all the time so it isn't limited to newcomers.

Using characters that would usually be banned in tournies or tactics that are overly abused, lag tactics are a good example. (any fighting game fanatic will be very familiar with these points).

I'm not saying all casual/new players are like this but it puts a downer on my game when I have to fight yet another Alpha-152 spam monkey in DOA5 because they lack any incentive to at least learn the game outside of mashing two buttons.

Fighting game players will usually friend like minded players, those who take time to play and show some level of respect for each other and how they play. If casuals who want to mash find it a harsh environment I suggest they go play Lets Dance - Disney or something.

MattS2343d ago

Regarding your last sentence: elitism is a form of hostility that a community uses to insulate itself from outside parties looking in.

It is precisely what I am talking about. Copping elitist attitude is not pleasant, rarely warranted, and the fact that it just happened right then supports this guy's line of argument.

How about engaging with new players and explaining to them why it's no fun playing against a spam/ banned character? Positive engagement is so much more effective than behaving like Sheldon Cooper, and if the fighting game community demonstrated positive engagement practices, then articles like this one would never exist.

caseh2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )


I've been playing online fighting games for about 10 years.

It isn't an elitist attitude, its many, many years of experience. Fighting communities are quite simple, you earn respect from other players by learning the game and if possible, contributing to forums etc. It isn't really a place for the casual gamer unless they are purely in it for fun and not expecting to win.

Its a 1vs1 environment so its can feel quite personal, I have no issue with new comers and if I chat with them i'll give pointers. If you're going to come in, abuse tactics expecting easy wins out of the gate and send hatemail then I stand by what I said previously. I recommend these kind of people f*ck off back to CoD or wherever they spawned from.

Due to it being a 1vs1 platform, there are no team mates to carry you. Its down to the individual and if you're struggling then you do what everyone else does who loves the genre; Watch videos, join forums and become an active player in gaming lobbies.

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