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Game Informer - One of the more polarizing games on the Sega Dreamcast was 2000's Shenmue. Directed by Yu Suzuki, this story-heavy action adventure title attracted many gamers but turned others off. With its slow pace, some grew tired of talking to random townspeople, participating in tedious side activities, and somewhat stiff combat. While that may be the case for some, the game has its share of fans at the Game Informer office. We decided to take a look back to see how it held up after a dozen years.

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ritsuka6662347d ago

Shenmue = Epic! Best game ever!! Every game that i have played this generation has not even come close to the experience that I had playing Shenmue 1/2. Hopefully some day we will see Shenmue 3.

Crystallis2346d ago

Totally agree. Shenmue 1&2 we outstanding. Cant believe no one has picked up this series or tried to create Shenmue 3. Shame really.

DigitalRaptor2346d ago

It could only be continued with the same spirit that Sega AM2 & Suzuki brought to the project and the same budget. So it's very unlikely to happen, but as a fan it's always nice to hope for more.

Whitefox7892346d ago


Tokyo_reject2346d ago

One of my favorite games EVER, want more!!!

Ryo-Hazuki2346d ago

Greatest games ever!!! No game grabbed me like the Shenmue series

Whitefox7892346d ago

Have you seen a black car recently?

Alvia2346d ago

Greatest games ever!!!

mt2346d ago

never played the game yet I wish the make HD remake of the first two.

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