Microsoft & Sony Rivalry Blocking Defiance Cross-Platform Multiplayer reports: "Having spent several hours getting to grips with Defiance, it's clear that Trion's ambitious cooperative MMO shooter currently allows for smooth cross-platform play between PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. However, Microsoft and Sony aren't willing to set aside their bitter rivalry for long enough to make it work at launch - if ever.

"There will not be cross-platform play," Trion Worlds Senior Producer Robert Hill told us during a lengthy interview scheduled for publication later today. "We do it right now."

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AngelicIceDiamond2348d ago

I dunno why, I think the idea is great. 2 systems cooperating and intertwining in a MMO is a good idea.

Fanboys would have a chance to get along with one an other and work as a team. But MS and Sony doesn't want that. Instead they rather keep the tension and both fanboys at bay Or they don't want any possible cross promotion.

Whatever the case is its too bad on MS and Sony's part.

MikeMyers2348d ago

Well, I guess that settles it. We will all just have to continue seeing the rivalries here on the forums. Yay.

darthv722348d ago

why they didnt have more crossplatform games.

Unreal was a game that pitted pc vs ps3 but could have added in 360 vs pc vs ps3 for even more interesting play. A shame they cant settle whatever differences keep such things from happening.

I seem to recall it had something to do with mod support or the availability of current patches that would need to be made available to all platforms at the same time.

Ms and sony have different approval processes for such things but the PC side is much quicker to respond. Or something like that.

MikeMyers2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Different types of communities between the PC and consoles. You also get into the mix with people using a mouse/keyboard against those with a controller. I know the PS3 supports it but I imagine most people use the dualshock. The PC is also more quick because it doesn't have all the mandates put in place. Microsoft has their set of rules, Sony has theirs.

Microsoft really dropped the ball since they also run Windows. They look to finally be tying Windows 8 into one unified service across different hardware. Apple has done it with iTunes by making it very familiar for everyone. That's one of the knocks with Android and how you have various operating systems and not cohesive.

Plus with Xbox Live it really backlashed on the PC. You can't really charge for Live on the PC because Microsoft does not control the PC gaming market. Some may argue against any fee but they can get away with it more on the console because it's a closed platform.

I don't ever see Playstation and Xbox running on the same server. I think it would be fun but it's not going to happen. Correct me if I'm wrong but Dust 514 I think only shares the same universe but PC and PS3 players don't play directly with one another.

elhebbo162348d ago

i dunno, i think the tension would actually get worse. there is always gonna be one immature fanboy who's gonna say 'my controller is better' or 'the graphics look better from this side' then the whole in-game chat session goes to shit.

Skips2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Wasn't Sony ok with the cross platform MP for Counter Strike or something. But Valve was the one that ultimately pulled the plug (For good reasons).

I could be wrong, but that's what I heard.

violents2348d ago

Ps3 has already gone cross platform with games like dust 514. I think MS just doesn't want to play nice so its a no go.

Ben_Grimm2348d ago

MS did cross platform with games like Shadowrun. I think Sony just doesn't want to play nice so it's a no go.

violents2348d ago

so then we'll agree to disagree then?

Welshy2348d ago

That's not true at all @Ben_Grimm

Dust 514 interacts directly with EVE Online servers, Portal 2 allowed you to play with PC players and Counterstrike was penned to have cross platform but Valve pulled the plug in the polishing stages as KB&M users were too accurate in comparison to pads and would unbalance online matches.

Let's not forget, that despite both running Via PSN, the Vita can play PS3 users too which is still technically cross platform.

Not to mention the fact that XBL being a paid service, 360 users who didn't have gold would feel (rightfully) aggrieved that both PC and PS3 guys get to play each other at no extra cost but they have to cought up another £40 to Microsoft for the privelage.

XBL being paid and PSN being free is the major block on cross platform MS/Sony games in my opinion.

JBSleek2348d ago

PS3 has one cross platform game and that came isn't really cross platform actually as PC isn't Dust and it just has some effect on it.

violents2348d ago

actually It has a few that are ps3/vita. That is technically cross platform as well.

SmokingMonkey2348d ago

Portal2 is cross platform betwixt PSN and Steam.

DonMingos2348d ago

final fantasy XIV, Portal 2...

Saryk2348d ago

One game wouldn't make everything just peachy. Besides I would like to see someone take their thunder!

hkgamer2348d ago

its probably microsoft not allowing it.
its kinda hard to justify xbox live when other platforms do it for free.

ffxi had crossplay but you didnt need xbox live gold membership to play it. and i dont think microsoft liked that.

another reason for this is releasing patch updates, would be a pain to release for sony, ms and pc at the same time

Hicken2348d ago

Seeing how strict they are with their online, you can bet it's Microsoft and not Sony. I remember them saying something like, "We can't guarantee the quality of online gaming on another console, and we don't want to expose our consumers to that," or something to to that extent.

Which sounds to me like, "We'd be screwed if our consumers started realizing they could get the same quality of online gaming elsewhere for free."

Ben_Grimm2348d ago

Of course it's all MS's fault coming from Hicken and the lot.

Even though MS has allowed cross platform games before in the past with Shadowrun, Universe at War: Earth Assault and I believe Lost Planet: Colonies(??).

But yea its most likely MS's fault, lord knows Sony can do no wrong.

ALLWRONG2348d ago

"We'd be screwed if our consumers started realizing they could get the same quality of online gaming elsewhere for free."

You mean like charging people for downloading in the background?

Outside_ofthe_Box2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

***"You mean like charging people for downloading in the background?"***

LOL What are you talking about? People have been downloading stuff in the background way before PS+ started. My Ni No Kuni demo downloaded in the background. What are you smoking lol?

I find it hilarious that you see a problem with downloading things in the background being a premium feature, but online multiplayer for a game you already paid for being a premium feature is okey-dokey for you LOL.

MS does have more to lose doing cross platform MP, but I doubt Sony wants to do it either. What do Sony and MS gain from doing it besides making their gamers happy? Nothing. Yeah I know both have done it before, but with the PS360 cross-platform play both companies actually risk losing their customers to their direct competitors.

DonMingos2348d ago

I am all in for cross platform multiplayer.

Would love to play some co-op (aliens colonial marines) with some friends that only have the other console.

Plus, what better place for fanboys to settle their differences than on the battleground of a game. Would love some team deathmatch between team PS3, team Xbox360 and Team WiiU. That would be the kind of rivalry that makes sense in the gaming community

Blues Cowboy2348d ago

Agreed, such a move would massively benefit us gamers. Problem is that shareholders are the priority...

hkgamer2348d ago

funny how you included nintendos console... i totally forgot about them...

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