Is cloud gaming viable? Myth vs reality

CiiNOW's Chris Donahue, a 25-year game industry veterans, argues that it is viable in the opinion piece for GamesBeat.

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LOGICWINS2347d ago

I don't really understand who this is meant for. People with slow internet connections obviously can't take advantage of this. On the other hand, people with fast internet connections such as myself don't need to use cloud since every download is blazing fast.

jujubee882347d ago

Oh, btw, I sent you a PM.


deantak2347d ago

multiple gigabyte downloads aren't exactly blazing fast. particularly if you want to get something the second it launches and there is a logjam. i suppose the cloud version could have a logjam too, but it's a different kind of data streaming happening there.

chasegarcia2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

the idea is if you have fiber speeds you can play graphic intensive games on any device. Like running Crysis on a weak laptop, hdtv, or tablet for example.

Another good reason to use is if your device does not support the game. Like using linux to play a windows game.

LOGICWINS2347d ago

Its a nice option, but I don't see it being practical. Why would I want to play these games on my weak laptop? And if I play these games on my buttonless smartphone, won't rhe battery run out in half an hour or something?

aquamala2347d ago

the point of cloud gaming is that you can start playing games in seconds, like watching movies in Netflix , even your "blazing fast" internet connection takes hours to download a 10GB game.

and your "weak" laptop is perfectly fine for cloud gaming, all the processing are done on the cloud, all your local machine does is send your commands (like button presses) and display data from the cloud server. the local machine doesn't need to be powerful at all, something like a Roku player will do.

LOGICWINS2347d ago

You must have really slow Internet. I downloaded Infamous 2, a 15GB game, in 42 minutes. And I have a 500GB hardrive so I don't have to worry about running out of space.

LOGICWINS2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Yes, I understand that the local machine I'm using doesn't need to be powerful at all...its just that I have NO true desire to play these games on buttonless tablets/smartphones. Even if Sony found a way for you to use the DS3 with these machines, why would I want to carry around a DS3 everywhere I go? Its not practical.

The only way for it to be practical is for PS3/Vita use.

Also, you will need an expensive data plan if you want to access your cloud games everywhere you go on Vita(bus, train, long car rides etc.)

And even then you'll likely have to deal with cases of lag, frame rate hiccups, and getting kicked off the server due to connection issues. The cons outweigh the pros with cloud gaming. Cloud storage is great though.

tigertron2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )


I have really slow internet. It took me 5 hours to download Mass Effect.

Unfortunately in my town, our internet speeds average 7 Mbps. In fact, the UK has a whole has crap internet speeds. That's why I don't think cloud gaming will become a proper mainstream alternative for quite a few years, not until internet speeds improve and governments start investing in better infrastructure like fibre optic broadband.

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SybaRat2347d ago

Useful? Absolutely. Profitable? Aye, there's the rub....

wita2347d ago

Cool article! I could sure do without so many system/game updates/downloads. It's such a pain.

Sadie21002347d ago

He picked the worst example possible: Trying to compare cloud gaming to updating games on the PS3. Of course the PS3 is going to offer a bad experience on that front.

Rai2347d ago

If your a PSN PLUS member the ps3 will update any game you've recently played. True that games you haven't played in awhile won't be updated but I prefer to sit and wait for the update rather than stream a game.

There are other problems other than latency, the biggest disadvantage is that internet connections isn't always stable. We can have the fastest connection in the world but if its not stable it means nothing.

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