The War Z Developers Can Do Nothing Right

To say that The War Z has had a bad start would be a huge understatement. We’ve covered many articles relating to the development process. They developers disappointed with the latest patch, have been accused of passing off art as in-game screenshots, been accused of banning legitimate players and even been accused of unprofessional acts, but the list continues to grow.

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ChrisW2350d ago

Hmmm, I heard quite a bit about this game a couple months ago... then it just dropped off into obscurity. After reading the article and related articles, I now know why.

Kinda sad. Seemed interesting.

CaptainCamper2349d ago

You think that's bad? It gets even WORSE lol

Game was placed on Steam with total lies on the store page
Game was taken off Steam
Developers blame players for misreading information

It's a total joke.

ChR0n1k2349d ago

Yeah, I love playing the game, my girlfriend loves playing the game, but this is the stupidest pile of garbage I have seen in online gaming in a while. That developer either has ZERO understanding of the English language and false advertising or is just a complete idiot.

CaptainCamper2349d ago

Sadly Chr0n1k, thousands share your opinion. Many have hopes for the game, can see its potential but can't get past the idiocy of development.