The Vita is in big trouble, but it can be saved

GamesRadar - Is Sony’s newest handheld finished? Not yet.

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MmaFan-Qc2348d ago

oh look, a new doom and gloom blog about the ps vita, how original.

btw, "The PS3 Has No Games".

JoGam2348d ago

I think "Doom and Gloom is the new thing. Everyone's doing it now. Smh. It's like people just sit around thinking what to write when a light bulb goes off with an idea...I'll write another Doom and gloom article. It's no way people can get enough. S/

Diver2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

game journalism is in a lot worse shape than the Vita.

Mounce2348d ago


GSpartan7772348d ago

Sadly, it guarantees hits here on N4G. And it's the primary reason the majority of these articles written for.

GribbleGrunger2348d ago

In another 5 years when the Vita is still going strong, the authors of these many 'Vita can be saved' articles will simply say: 'I told you.'

It's boring and irrelevant. Sony do not see it the same way as a fanboy sees it. They just make the hardware, sell the hardware and hope to make a profit. There is NO race in Sony's philosophy and there is NO comparative thinking.

andibandit2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

Sorry but in 5 years mobile phone games will make the vita look prehistoric

BitbyDeath2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

@andibandit, mobile phone games will remain irrelevant until they get buttons and stop asking for money to advance.

joeorc2347d ago

"Sorry but in 5 years mobile phone games will make the vita look prehistoric"

really? who is going to make those very expensive 3rd party published Game's?

This is what is quite funny, you do know the PSVita is Using the very same High end Multiple core Arm Cortex processor's right? Now what is the basic Core Processor in the Mobile Arena for smart devices? it sure in hell is not Multiple core when they make games for smartphones!

Even in 5 year's time from Now the largest % of smartphones will still be dual core 1.2 to 1.4 GHz core with a Mali400 or Adreno 225, or an SGX 500+ series GPU's.

The PSVita contain's a Quad core Arm Cortex A9 CPU and a Quad Core SGX GPU. With i might Add has 128 MB of dedicated GPU ram! wth Smarphones and Tablets only have 64 MB of video ram.

if you want to talk about outdated, the Nintendo 3DS and the 3DSXL has Arm Core 11's for the CPU and Pica 200 GPU with 6 MB of Dedicated GPU ram! now that is Outdated even now vs' what the PSVita has in it.


Even than Single core 1.2 GHz TO 1.5 GHz will still be in use in quite a large number of consumer's hands!

that will still be the largest % in consumer's hands, and Application store games sell cheap but rely on as large a % of people to purchase your App. that will still be APPLICATION'S ie: GAMES MADE FOR SINGLE TO MAX DUAL CORE being the main target for game development even 5 years from Now, with still no where near the % of Dedicated GPU ram for mobile devices than what the PSVita has in it today.

Diver2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

sorry dudes but I've played some phone/tablet games and I can't think of one that holds a candle to vita games. there are more game capable phones on the market now than there will ever be vitas so where's all these titles that will kill the vita.

look how long game capable phones have been out an no blockbuster cept angry birds. if any console had gone that long without a bunch of blockbuster hits they would be kicking the dirt over them and putting up a headstone. you people an these ridiculous articles make me laugh. bawl all you want but the facts an peoples actions prove me right. no phone or pad is touching the vita. not now an not in years.

go ahead an hold on to your desperate hate. i have been reading these stupid "phones and tablets are the future" articles for over three years.

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meganick2347d ago

It's clearly not a "doom and gloom" article. Even the headline makes that obvious. It says "The Vita is in big trouble." That's not an opinion, that's a fact. It's not selling well. You can't really deny that. Then it says "but it can be saved," and then the author goes on to explain what changes he thinks Sony should make in order to make the Vita successful. How does that qualify as "doom and gloom?" If you want to see some real doom and gloom articles, go to the Wii U page. Some jack-off actually took time to write an article about why he thinks Nintendo should scrap the Wii U and release a new console in 2014, which would be astoundingly stupid.

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Godchild10202348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

"The price cut needs to extend to games, too. $40 for a top of the line Vita game is a fair price, but $20-$30 would be a far better for the majority of its library. "

I know this is a Vita article, but should the price cut of games extend to the 3DS as well? Seeing as how some, if not most games are 40 dollars on the 3DS. At least the ones, I have pick up.

"In this day and age it’s hard to imagine there are many who would pay full price for PSP titles like Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny, Riviera: The Promised Land, or Secret Agent Clank, but all would be quickly embraced as freebies. The same goes for the huge backlog of PSOne games on PSN."

I agree, it will get people to sign up for plus (As long as Uncharted, Gravity and Wipeout stays) and enjoy some of the games they may have missed or just play some of the games they had once before and want to play them again.

It would also give consumers the push to purchase Vita titles and not wait for all of them to come to plus. Because we all know not all of them will come to plus.

GribbleGrunger2348d ago

Well, clearly the backlog of Vita games is no where near as large as the PS3 backlog, so it is obvious that at some point the Vita will start to get PSP and PS1 games too. At which point the media will have yet another negative angle for their articles.

meganick2347d ago

3DS game prices should definitely come down. I can kind of understand the $40 price point for top-of-the-line Vita games because it's a powerful HD portable with higher than usual development costs. But I can't imagine 3DS games cost as much to develop as Vita games in general.

tweet752348d ago

it always takes every playstation system 2-3 years to reach its stride. Great games will come and with the recent price drops sales will pick up. As long as the software is good over the next few years vita will be fine.

Gamesgbkiller2348d ago

Just cut the prices of memory cards and I'm going to be happy :)

tachy0n2348d ago

or at least they should make third party memory cards like from sandisk etc....

meganick2347d ago

I'd have to say that's my main gripe with the Vita. Also, I think in the near future, Sony should just sell the Vita with a built-in hard-drive as a standard. I'm thinking maybe like 20 gigs or so, with the option to expand of course.

Cocozero2348d ago

If COD couldn't save it, then nothing can.

All it can hope for now is just the hardcore playstation fans to buy it when the price goes down.

Sanquine902348d ago

Cod was terrible ;) if it was anything near call of duty blops 2 it would sell a lot more

stage882348d ago


Please, just stop.

JoGam2348d ago

Cod is dying slowly now.

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