What To Do With Zelda

Lucas takes a look at the Zelda franchise and discusses what he think Nintendo should do to keep the franchise going for another 25 years.

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dedicatedtogamers2345d ago

Nintendo needs to allow Retro (or somebody) to make a "New Legend of Zelda" in the same vein as NSMB on the DS/Wii/etc. Take the series back to its NES/SNES roots. Add multiplayer a la Four Swords. Shift the focus AWAY from fetch quests, NPCs, and the same old puzzles and focus on quick arcade-style combat and exploration like the old games had. See what happens. A revamp worked for 2d Mario. It worked for Donkey Kong and Metroid (both of which were done by Retro) until Metroid Other M totally killed Metroid's momentum.

theBAWSE2345d ago

try do the impossible... pay Sony sh!t loads to rent naughty dog to work with the Nintendo team and give us the best Zelda ever

ElectricKaibutsu2345d ago

What's wrong with Retro?

I agree with the author that Retro should be given a go at a 3DS Zelda. I trust Nintendo EAD with the console Zeldas since they haven't gone wrong yet, and until they do I couldn't imagine risking the Zelda franchise on another, albeit great devolper. Retro got Metroid since that was a dead franchise on everything but handhelds. Zelda is still going strong.

Saying that, I doubt Retro would do a Zelda for 3DS. Retro is too good a team and Nintendo needs them on the Wii U.

SIANSLOW2345d ago

Why would the best game developers in the history of videogaming pay sony to make a game for them? Maybe sony should pay nintendo a shit load of money to save the vita

dark-hollow2345d ago

I don't approve making a "link to the past" 2D like Zelda game on the Wii u.

It would be better if they left these kinds of games for the 3ds.

kirbyu2344d ago

If they do that, the commercial should be a recreation of one of the commercials for the original Zelda. And at the end, the narrator should say "Wii U: Your parents help you hook it up."

PS4isKing_822345d ago

I believe miyomoto already said a few weeks ago that retro is busy working on another game. I hope Nintendo has some really good surprises in store for us at E3. I would love a new wave race and pilotwings myself. And yes, I would want the new luigi's mansion on wiiU too cause I loved the first one on the gc.

d3nworth12345d ago

Change the name to Legend of Link. Seriously why is Zelda's name in the title? Link does all the dangerous stuff.

PopRocks3592345d ago

I used to wonder that myself when I was younger. I'm used to it nowadays. Plus I think Legend of Zelda just rolls off the tongue a little better.

masterlinkace2344d ago

It's to do with the lore of the original games...the legend was originally to do with a princess named Zelda, who was screwed over by her brother for the triforce. He then feels terrible for it and vouches that all future princesses shall be named Zelda in her honour. This is why the games are named after her, and why Zelda is always called Zelda. :P

The original princess happens to be the one asleep in the background at the start of zelda II :D

MaleManSam2345d ago

Just give us a grown up Zelda for once. I loved twilight princess, They need to take Link into his 20's damnit.

Don't even mention Ocarina with Adult Link, that's a completely different thing. I was so bummed out by Skyward sword after coming off of Wind waker and link aging into Twilight princess.

ElectricKaibutsu2345d ago

I'm not sure what you mean. Ocarina, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword all had an older Link at about the same age. Why did you like TP's Link and not OoT and SS's? I preferred playing as older Link to kid Link in Ocarina, but I don't see how a 16 year old Link would be different from a 20 year old, except he could buy cigarettes and be tried as an adult for killing chickens and ransacking people's houses.

MaleManSam2345d ago

Yeah I kinda worded that wrong, I mean keep the tone of TP, and go further with it, The 180 with skywards sword just sent link back to a child again, he's had enough stories about being a kid already.

I cant really say OoT or MM (tonality wise) can represent my idea, because He's only Adult link for a short time and its not really a true showing in a complete game form of life after Ganon or pre teens.

Does link simply have to repeat the age of 13 (oh however the average age is for the games) for the next 25 years. Or can we see him as a man. Kicking ass.

Age the guy, did wonders for Solid/Old snake in MGS4 (Not the best example because of the cloning aging acceleration and foxdie but I cbb thinking of another one.)


millzy1022345d ago

well retro has hired a lead game programer from naughtydog to work on game engines for Wii u so expect something amazing from them but that said zelda should stay with EAD and let retro make a new ip for Wii u it needs a new franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.